Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sterling Moss!

Well, the new girl is causing a stir at work, not many like her!!

Ive been told I have have to train her up for when I leave, 11 days and is proving harder than I thought as she has not got a bloody clue, she says she has got her AAT's etc, but what she really needs is a brain and some common sense!!

Enough of that its getting on me nerves

Tonight, I followed one of me workies home on a short cut, she call me speedy, but bloody hell I could hardly keep you it did knock half an hour off me journey time coming home, which was well worth it, Paulie was propper surprised to see me walk through the back door 5 mins before 6pm...

As our cupboards and fridge were looking a like old mother hubbards, I made the choice of us going shopping, but to Paulies surprise again, I hummed all way round the supermarket and got some really good stuff for next week, even all the way home in the car I was singing me ickle heart off to the mega tunes on the radio and I even put the shopping away nice, neat and tidy in all the right

We got a mega pizza for tea and we just added some garlic sausage, mushrooms and cheese, it turned out bloody lovely....

Paulie has added a shout box for me and tomorrow he is going to add a web cam that has SNOW and LIONS on it....I could not beleive it when he told me what he had found...


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