Thursday, October 28, 2004

Last Day!

May I just thank everyone who has visited via Blog Explosion, its made a propper impact on Paulie, he is Explosion Mad…lol….

Its me last day tomorrow at my current job and I will be leaving at lunch time, so I get the afternoon to meself, getting some much needed pampering time and also some much needed tidying up as well…boring…very boring…lol… I start me new job on Monday.

Today I had a very interesting phone call, about a year ago I registered with an agency and they have kept me on their books, they rang to see if all was going well and asked if I would be interesting in going for an interview.

I explained the situation and said that I would go as you never know if this new job is all that it is made out to be!!

Tonite when I got home Paulie and Lucy were waiting to go for a walk, it was very refreshing and Lucy loved it, we made sure she had her coat on as I gave her the hair cut from hell the other day…lol…

We had a nosey at some houses that we quite like and hopefully next year we will get one like them, not too big but one with a separate kitchen and dining room so we can have our friends round for meal and they wont be sitting on the sofa with their meals on their knees, trying to fight the 3 amigos off…lol…

Time to go and eat and have a chill with me man….


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JustSue said...

Good luck on your last day at the office pet! Hope they take you out for lunch, have a pressie and a card for you - and hopefully by the middle of next week they will all realise what an excellent employee they just lost! Good luck in your new job - and just think how much shorter your commute to work will be every day!