Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hussell & Bussell

After a chilled day on Sunday, it was back to hussell and bussell of work yesterday....very very busy as usual and not getting a mins peace, last nite we had a propper early nite and I was asleep by 9.30pm, as the nites draw in I find it very hard to stay awake.....and even harder to get up in the morning, wish I was a Bear or something then I could sleep for a hole six months...lol..

Today was very weird, I kept having palpertations, not sure why, just felt like me heart was going to jump out of me chest and race round the office at 90mph, next came the dizzy spells and then feeling sick, not sure what is going on, could be Im getting Paulies Flu or that Im just getting worked up over the wedding etc...

Tonite we are just taking it easy, mind you thats nowt different, but of course we could not chill without a cardi and coke and now I got a even funkier way of drinking it, with lots of ice and two pink straws so its twice as easy to drink...lol...


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