Saturday, July 31, 2004

Lucy gets a Hug!

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Harvey Harvey Harvey

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Last nite we had kentucky for tea, it was finger licking then we settled down to watch Big Brother, not a surprise that Michelle went, everyone has had enough of her with Chicken

Today we have got our front gate on, its only took Paulie a year to get his act together, he has also done the front garden with me, all them nasty weeds, eebbygeebys, he is in cleaning mode now, we have laminate flooring all the way through the house downstairs, so he has hovered all the corners etc, as we have two cats and two dogs and sometime you get a gathering of pet hair in them....makes your house sound yukkie, but it aint its just a part of

Time to go and put this weeks lottery on, wish me luck, cause tonite I could be a millionaire, well in me


Thursday, July 29, 2004

Every Womans Dream!!

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Sweaty Betty!

Will somebody turn this chuffin heat down!

Yesterday was unbearable at work and it made worse with my work mate throwing a what a propper girls he was full of beans and none of us was taking him will be the last time he tells me to shut up three times in a

Today, the humidity was really bad, and I had two fans on me, but again me head was banging and me throats really 5.30pm i'd had enough and decided to come home, that means more work tomorrow...yikes.... Paulie just corrected me on utherdoffas =   (,.'!":;)

My work mate and our floating accountant decided to follow me on a short cut Ive found from work, but I had to stop four times for them to catch up, once everyone knew were they where, it was like a race to get home and Debbie won again, moving into a fast lane and changing back ten cars infront....RACE WON!!

Time to go and chill now with a nice cold cider with added ice cubes and watch some sort of film we can pluck off the shelf, but first shower time to get rid of the nasty day ive comes imperial leather

Rememer today is supposed to be better than yesterday!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Monday, July 26, 2004

Sour Milk

On friday nite as I lock up me office, I turned all the fans off and not knowing the fridge as well....yikes....this morning I was armed with a new jar of coffee and some fresh milk as I opened the fridge to put the new milk in I noticed that the light had not come on, bloody hell.....Id switched the bugger milk  was still there and turned in to very smelly clotted took me all of 3 seconds to run down the corridor out the main door and into the toilets to say hello to

Today is warm and muggy and our General manager came into our office and complained about how hot it was, he surgested opening some windows, to which i replied find me some more and I was him that got rid of our Air Con...cheeky

It now tea time, lets see what concoction Paulie has

Toddle Pip


Sunday, July 25, 2004


Today is wet and windy outside and not a sign of it letting up....yikes....

So Ive had me shower and put some nice crispy clean pj's on and me aint doing anything at

Yesterday we went
walking with Lucy and Harvey, it was a lovely day, we must have done 10 miles me ickle legs were killing me by the time we got home, think I must have used musscles that have been hiding for you when you are only 5ft tall and taking 3 steps to Paulies 1 it takes some keeping up, but boy did we sleep last nite.... 

On friday when I got home from work I had a letter waiting for me from the Hospital, Ive been waiting for this since March, theres no rushing the hopefully with this one we can find out why Im so tired and also the terrible moodswings that I get sometimes......who would want to be a WOMAN!!!!

Till the Next time, BE HAPPY

Friday, July 23, 2004

Change again!!

What a day its been here, hot humid and very sticky and I think its going to be the same all weekend, roll on snow time, I will be slipping around and 9 out of 10 times on me bum with a big cheesy smile on me face and everyone else will be moaning that its tooooooo

Today, I had a propper paddy at work and ended up being grumpy all afternoon, all i wanted to do was leave half an hour early and my stand in boss would not have any of it, so I walk out the office and propper slammed the door, think it nearly came off its would not mind but I have been doing 50-60 hour weeks and half hour would not hurt anyone, so I just said next time you want a favour you can go forth and

All ended calm as I drove me ickle Yaris home like Sterling Moss, I should have been in the Grand Prix Im sure i would win hands down, Paulie does have white knuckles when we go out for the day and Im

Now its time to change me hair back to BLACK I do think its suits me better than red or any other colour come to think about it, I going to have a GIRLIE evening with a nice hot bubble bath and a face mask and do all that type of stuff, then get in me bed and watch the evictions on Big this should be an interesting one......

Tatty bye and what ever you are planning to do, ENJOY!!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Crunchie Eve

Hello again,

Its all been go here!!

WE have had a stand in accountant at our work and he has been really nice and supportive, not sure what the report will be when he gets back to head office, fingers crossed it all in our favour, our new accountant starts in August and from what Ive heard he is an ok sort of guy...we shall wait and see.....

Today we had our Air con units taken away and it was the most humid day we have had in our office, now me hair is stuck to me head and me shirt to me back, yikes, could not wait to get home and jump in a nice cool shower, Paulie has brought our fan down stairs so our front room is lovely and cool, nice one Paulie....x.x.....

I got Lion King 2 (Simbas Pride) at the other nite and have not had chance to watch i think it might be snuggle time after tea with a very large bacardi and coke like the one Im having now while typing

Zippy is trying to talk again but we can not understand a word he is saying, Harvey is sat at the side of me watching me type and maybe thinking, mmmmm maybe I could do

Till next time.....


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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Heavens Open.....

It was a better day at work, got a lot done and was left in peace for once...well until lunch time but I just let it go over me head and carried on with what I was
Tonight after I got home from work we went shopping to Meadowhall, nicked named MEADOWHELL due to the thousands of people that go there every week to hussel round the shops.... I went to the Discovery store and found a ickle doggie that barks to the tune of How Much is that Doggie in the Window....It gave me a right good giggle and of course I had to bring it home with we were coming out the store, I looked back and the rest of the people in there were making their way to the till with one under each
Ive started a new craze of yapping doggie yuppies
On the way home the heavens opened and it starting raining really heavy, in a matter of mins the roads were starting to flood, Paulie kept driving into the water on the road side and it was higher than the car windows with all the spray, I wish Id had me digi cam with me it was amazing.
Later Aligators

Monday, July 19, 2004

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Today has been complete bobbins......
It starts with today getting to work and being on me own till 9.30am, when my collegue arrives only to tell me thats hes been in a meeting at another dealership, no consideration.......
Then we find out that a new accountant has been appointed, but to my SUPRISE my collegue goes into another office and explains all to them, and leaves me sat like a complete muppet!!
This did not go down very well, and lets just say the air was very very BLUE. NEXT Paulie emails me to say he is going to be late home as he is going to a stupid meeting!! then to top it all I got stuck behind a very very slow truck on the way home...
Lets hope tomorrow is going to be a much better day........We live in hope!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Lazy Days

After an eventfull weekend, see snowbabies for details, I have done nothing and im propper cream
I was trying to do me own template for this blog, but after hours of sitting here looking at codes and not knowing what Paulie was doing, I have settled for this one, Im still not inpressed, but it will have to do, unless someone lets me know how to get a full background of colour and me own Buttercup heading....please.....yikes.....I could squash a grape!!
Not sure if Im going to sleep tonight, me mind keeps going back to what is going to happen tomorrow at work, sad I know, but some of our bosses are the biggest, meanist shall I go on.....think I should stop I keep singing in me head is.....THERE WILL BE TROUBLE AHEAD.....
Time to go watch the other film we did not watch last nite and have a propper snuggle on the sofa with Paulie and Lucy and Harvey and Toddy.....all aboard....any
Till we meet again......

Friday, July 16, 2004

Here today, gone tomorrow!!

Well, what a week, you would not believe what happened today!
I finished work early, well only half hour, but I was propper done in, came home and Paulie and me went shopping and ended up spending a Nothing changes as I was paying for our shopping me mobile rings and I missed the called, next it rang again to say I had a voice mail, it was me mate from work.
I rang him back only to be told that our accountant had been SACKED, I was propper GOBSMACKED, there is going to be a lot of changes to come and also a lot of hard work, BLOODY HELL more see what happens on Monday when we all have a meeting....OOOOOOLALA carnt wait!!  
At this rate Paulie will be walking down the isle on his own cause Ill be

Thursday, July 15, 2004

What a difference a day makes!

Well its CRUNCHIE EVE again, we are on VODKA MARTINIS here and they are going down nicely, not sure what I will be like in the morning, but who cares as its CRUNCHIE DAY YIPPEE FANDABBIEDOZIE.

I tend to make words up as I go along, for a while all I used to say was OOOOOLALA, then came SHEBUM SHEBUM and of course carnt forget BOBBINS and PROPPER MUPPET and at the mo Im into saying YAHHHHHH in a very deep German voice like in the Austin Powers this is where Crunchie eve and crunchie day come in just to make it fun and have a giggle, Im sure people think Ive gone

Paul corrects me on me grammar, but if I did it propper it would not have a touch of Buttercup and would not be unique. There is only one of me in this

We have all been under pressure at work this week and today it finally calmed down, just enough for one of my work mates to be sat in a meeting at the side of the glass door that I could see through, as I looked up he pulled a funny face and then started with the naughty cleverly disguised hand signals at the side of his face. The only person to see this was me and I was propper giggleing, but of course the ones I was giving back was much naughtier, you had to be there to get the full

Remember your sentence for the time being is SAY OOOLALA, SAY OOOOO COME ON COME ON, SAY OOOLALA SAY OOOOO SHEBUM SHEBUM., if it dont annoy the hell out of people I will show me BUM on the TOWN HALL

Till next time


Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Hello & welcome to my new blog, some of you might know me as part of the SNOWBABIES TEAM.

I thought I would have a go meself and let you see my part of LIFE.

Not many know, but before coming a YORKSHIRE LASS I use to be a propper MANQUIAN, born and bred. I have the tatto on me bum to prove I have a average family of a twin brother, elder sister and brother that are twins as well, phew! I miss my family but would not change the life i have got now :-)

I moved in with
Paul nearly 2 years ago, before that I was married at 18, young and stupid! I know, it lasted 11 years before i woke up and smelt the coffee, glad I did now cause I have the most wonderfull man in the world. We have two ickle Jack russels, Lucy who is very much a mummies girl and Harvey who is just as two cats, Misty our eldest who want to be left alone till its food time then he will love you to bits and Todd who is very caring and loving and will climb over the dogs to get to you for a cuddle, bless and a crazy parrott called Zippy who is trying to learn as many words as he can, but does tend to get muddled up.

Im going to try and update me blog as often as I can, Im working long hours at the mo and most nites I just want to chill out, I want to do something different on here and try and get lots of funnies that all can have a good giggle to....

I like taking piccies with me digi cam that Paul got me for me birthday so I will put me best ones on here well that might not be David Baileys standards but I can only but

Hope you enjoy and come back soon