Monday, July 26, 2004

Sour Milk

On friday nite as I lock up me office, I turned all the fans off and not knowing the fridge as well....yikes....this morning I was armed with a new jar of coffee and some fresh milk as I opened the fridge to put the new milk in I noticed that the light had not come on, bloody hell.....Id switched the bugger milk  was still there and turned in to very smelly clotted took me all of 3 seconds to run down the corridor out the main door and into the toilets to say hello to

Today is warm and muggy and our General manager came into our office and complained about how hot it was, he surgested opening some windows, to which i replied find me some more and I was him that got rid of our Air Con...cheeky

It now tea time, lets see what concoction Paulie has

Toddle Pip


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Muslim said...

it was kind of hot today