Friday, October 29, 2004

Happy Halloween

Ripp Off!

Well me last day was ok apart from telling me boss I would kill him unless he sorted me wages out…lol…

Checked me bank this morning before we set off to work and I could not believe it, me wages were down by £300.00, I think if Paulie could have run off and hidden somewhere he would have done…lol…

They finally got it sorted and I left work at 2pm, we went to KFC for lunch and then I got some lovely gifts and cards.

When I got home Lucy and the three amigos were all wondering what was going on they are not use to seeing me that early in the day….

Me ex boss thinks we are going to his Halloween party tomorrow nite, but minime will be there so I think we will give it a miss and get a dvd instead.

Not sure what we are doing at the weekend, probably arranging a funeral for this ruler…lol…


Thursday, October 28, 2004

Last Day!

May I just thank everyone who has visited via Blog Explosion, its made a propper impact on Paulie, he is Explosion Mad…lol….

Its me last day tomorrow at my current job and I will be leaving at lunch time, so I get the afternoon to meself, getting some much needed pampering time and also some much needed tidying up as well…boring…very boring…lol… I start me new job on Monday.

Today I had a very interesting phone call, about a year ago I registered with an agency and they have kept me on their books, they rang to see if all was going well and asked if I would be interesting in going for an interview.

I explained the situation and said that I would go as you never know if this new job is all that it is made out to be!!

Tonite when I got home Paulie and Lucy were waiting to go for a walk, it was very refreshing and Lucy loved it, we made sure she had her coat on as I gave her the hair cut from hell the other day…lol…

We had a nosey at some houses that we quite like and hopefully next year we will get one like them, not too big but one with a separate kitchen and dining room so we can have our friends round for meal and they wont be sitting on the sofa with their meals on their knees, trying to fight the 3 amigos off…lol…

Time to go and eat and have a chill with me man….


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Still No Sign!

Well we still have not found any microlites, I know its only two days since looking, but Im bloody

After a very relaxing weekend it was back to the grindstone yesterday, counting down the hours till I leave...yippee...

I was moved to another office as the new lad was starting, he is very nice and seems keen to learn, he listens and asks all the right questions, unlike minime....

Today, me boss was in a right mood, something to do with managers not doing what they are suppose the our general manager was upstairs and was in me bosses office all afternoon, never see so much of him in the last 10 months as I did

As I was in another office it was lovley and peacefull and I was singing me ickle heart out to the radio, next I was seranaided by the GM joining was propper thing I will say about leaving is I will miss some of the people I work with cause they are smashing....

Tonite as last nite, we both could not be arsed cooking again, so we went to our local take away and ended up with cheese burger and chips, it was bloody lovley....

Time to get me pjs on and do some chillin, tomorrows middle of the week again and then its crunchie eve....roll on crunchie


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sunset ala Blackpool..... Posted by Hello

The natural blackpool illuminations Posted by Hello

Better Mood :-))

Well you will glad to know Im in a much better mood.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Blackpool with some friends of ours, when we got there it took us nearly an hour to get parked up.....the place was crawling..

I got some great piccies of the sun setting and we had a good walk around, then the heavens opened and we were all soaked, but it did not matter we were all having a good time.

We arrived home very late last nite, and the motorways were terrible with all the rain and then the mist came...very spooky...

I must admit I had the best sleep going last nite, not sure if it was the sea air or the five mile walk we did, me ickle legs are

Today we have been over to Paulies dads and then call at a garden centre to see if they had any blue microlites in stock...not a bloody cat in hells chance....

If anyone knows were we can get blue microlites with a clear cable for our christmas tree, could you let us know.....


Saturday, October 23, 2004

Missing Post!

I put a post on Thursday, and now its bloody gone....Not sure whats going on with blogger, has anyone else had this problem??

I really carnt understand it at all


Even more fed up now!!

Moody Cow!

Yesterday we went into a meeting as the other new person starts on Monday, I have been kicked out of the office and next week will work werever they have a spare pc going. Ive been told to just take it easy and be there if any of the new poeple need me help, sort of a mentor or training person!

I have done a daily task list of every thing that I do to make it easy for everyone once I have gone, Ive even gone into detail of where to post each item and what reports you have got off, at the end of the meeting not one bloody person had said thanks, So....

Me: Thanks to Debbie for doing this daily task list for us
Boss: Thanks
Mini me: What do you want, us to bow to you?
Me: Do you want a slap in the face?
Mini me: Turns aways looking very scarlet!
Boss: Do you have to be so violent?
Me: That aint violent, just wish I would not have bothered now!
Boss: Well, thank you again, much appreciated!!

I think it this point after doing all this work, she had hit a nerve!!

Yesterday I left work early and was home for 5pm, which is a treat for me, we had a chilled nite with loads of yarning, by 10pm I could not keep me eyes open any longer and opted for me comphy bed, it was nice to only wake up once in the nite instead of sitting looking out the window for hours on end.

This morning Paulie was up with the birdies, I just turned over and went back to sleep, this is not me at all, I woke up at 10am revived, but instead of coming downstairs to a cup of coffee, I came down to Paulie sat at the pc and the cats running riot and nothing done at all in the house.....

Next came food time with Paulie doing his usual messing about, so he got shouted at again, I made him two bacon and egg barn cakes and saked breakfast for me as Im so bloody annoyed with this pilchard......

Now he is mopsing about as if he has been propper told off, Carnt understand men and esp 34 year old one at at!!

Not sure what we are doing today, lets just hope me mood improves so I can enjoy it!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Rule Britannia!

Hey Ho, me wernt a winner on Saturday, so could every one please crossed their fingers that me numbers come out on Wednesday in the

After the horse riding on saturday, me feels like bloody John Wayne (Get off yer horse and drink yer milk!!) and walking like a cowboy as think I used muscles I aint used in bloody years, boy it pain no gain, so they keep telling

It was back to work yesterday and me boss and mini me aint half bugging me, she thinks she knows it I nearly exploded and got a telling off for it as well, so revenge it was...well it just has to be...

Me boss has this ruler and its been to every job he had done, its like his pal, best friend and partner in

This afternoon, we got a frantic accountant running round the buliding intergating all in sundry as to the whereabouts of this ruler, no one would admit to taking it and he had all his staff in the office one by one, it was like hearding sheep ...lmao...

I really can not understand what has happened to it!!!


Monday, October 18, 2004


A woman goes into Wal-Mart and tells the clerk she wants a refund for the toaster she bought because it doesn't work. The clerk tells her that he can't give her a refund because she bought it on special. All of a sudden, the woman throws her arms up in the air and starts screaming!


The clerk, not knowing what to do, runs to get the store manager. The manager comes up to the Woman and asks, "What's wrong?" ! She explains the situation with the toaster. He tells her that he can't give her a refund because she bought it on special. Once again, the woman throws her arms up in the air and starts screaming,


In shock, the store manager pleads, "Ma'am, why are you saying that?" In a huff, the woman says,

---Her money was refunded .

Sunday, October 17, 2004

My neice and her horse Storm! Posted by Hello

its too much Posted by Hello

My sister looking the part Posted by Hello

Duke waiting for his daily exercise Posted by Hello


On Friday nite when I got home Paulie had already started on the tea as was bloody lovely...we has pork steaks in a gravy with garlic, mushrooms and onions, all you do is bang it in the oven for a couple of hours and let it cook....

Friday nite I did it again, with the cardi and coke but this time I was off me rocker, cause I was drinking it with a straw, it seems to go down faster, Paulie finally got me to bed and next min I was back up as the room was spinning, yikes Im going to be sick, I managed to get to the bathroom only to go flying arse over tit, next Paulie put me back in bed and I turned over smack onto the floor, this time I passed

Saturday morning was hell and even a good fry up did not make me feel any better, Saturday afternoon we had a ride over to me sisters and went to the farm where she keeps her horses, we had a right good time and I even had a ride on my sisters horse called Duke, he is a gentle giant we had our evening meal at me sisters which was lovely again then made our way home to settle for the nite.....

Today we have been to Bakewell in Derbyshire, it was really nice there and we ended up getting some walking boots for when we go to scotland, I think we will be trying them out its back to the washing and cooking and feeding the zoo before we get ready for another week of working, I hope we win the lottery soon, then we can sack work I know Im a sinner, but please make me a winner!!


Friday, October 15, 2004

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sterling Moss!

Well, the new girl is causing a stir at work, not many like her!!

Ive been told I have have to train her up for when I leave, 11 days and is proving harder than I thought as she has not got a bloody clue, she says she has got her AAT's etc, but what she really needs is a brain and some common sense!!

Enough of that its getting on me nerves

Tonight, I followed one of me workies home on a short cut, she call me speedy, but bloody hell I could hardly keep you it did knock half an hour off me journey time coming home, which was well worth it, Paulie was propper surprised to see me walk through the back door 5 mins before 6pm...

As our cupboards and fridge were looking a like old mother hubbards, I made the choice of us going shopping, but to Paulies surprise again, I hummed all way round the supermarket and got some really good stuff for next week, even all the way home in the car I was singing me ickle heart off to the mega tunes on the radio and I even put the shopping away nice, neat and tidy in all the right

We got a mega pizza for tea and we just added some garlic sausage, mushrooms and cheese, it turned out bloody lovely....

Paulie has added a shout box for me and tomorrow he is going to add a web cam that has SNOW and LIONS on it....I could not beleive it when he told me what he had found...


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

More More More!!

All hell broke lose at work yesterday, as I was off ill on Thursday and Friday and had took all me bits and bobs home on Wednesday nite from work including the office radio, they did not think I was going back....

When I got there yesterday, me boss was going mad saying we thought you had just gone!! I was abit taken back and said "What type of person do you take me for??" Im not one for doing a runner.

I learned that the girl who is taking over me job was started at 11am, at 11.10am, in walks this blond bit and me boss was all over her...yukkie....

This morning I was at work at me usual time and at 8.30am someone was trying to get into our office, with not much sucess, it was not a blond girl, but mini me!!

She has died her hair black like mine and when ask why she has change, she said so she could step into me shoes!!!!! NOT AMUSED, me asked if she would like me bloody socks as

Today had been complete bobbins and the journey home was even worse, it took well over an hour and to top it all tomorrows Wednesday a thorn between two weekends...Roll on crunchie day!!

On a liter note, Paulie had me in stitches last nite, as we went sorting the tables out we offered the nice lady a lift home, only for Paulie to be totally off it and decides to turn his car round in the road, for no reason at all when we was nowhere near her house...she said "what are you doing" as Paulie heads for a brick

This is my new blogchalk:
United Kingdom, Yorkshire, Barnsley, English, , Female, . :)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

ooopppsss I did it again!!

We have had a fantastic day, shopping etc.....

I did manage to take me camera with me this time and got some great shot of the clouds, sometimes I can sit for ages making objects out of them.....

Me cold is just as bad, every two second, sneezing me head off and now me nose is yukkie and burning like hell.....

Tonite while Paulie was doing a post on Snowbabies and Yorkshire Snowman, I did me Bouquet, it looks bloody good, even though I say so wrong with a bit of

Time to sneeze me way to the sofa for some propper TLC off Paulie......


My Bouquet.... Posted by Hello

oooooooooooooolala Posted by Hello

Deery me!! Posted by Hello

Clouds Rolling in Posted by Hello

Friday, October 08, 2004


Another day at home.....boy I wish I could fly away somewhere, I feel propper down at the mo and nothing is lifting me spirits......

As I normally one to get on with work, life etc. I dont normally have time off work cause of a cold, but I must admit this one has got me by the ankles and shook me up...

Today consited of getting up, worried that Paulie had not rung to check I was ok, rang him and guess what, he forgot I was at home and not rang me boss....mind you in three weeks time I will be gone and hopefully to a better job....He rang me boss who was very asked if I would be back on Monday!!

This afternoon was snooze time, me, Lucy and the three amigos got on the sofa and slepted our hearts out....

As I was feeling better, when Paulie got home from work we decided to go to our local Wholesalers to get the flowers for my boquet. Paulie decided he would drive my car...MISTAKE...BIG MISTAKE...

First it was wall to wall cars on the motorway, then we came off at the correct juction only for Paulie to drive back on the motorway...PILCHARD...then we had to drive 20 mins out of our way to get back on the motorway....lets say there were a few choice words in the car, we arrived at our destination to find the bloody place shut up early...eeebbbygeeebbbys....

Now its mega chill time, its CRUNCHIE DAY and off course no bloody alarm clock in the

Have a lovely weekend


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Under the Weather!!

Today Im under strict instructions to stay in bed and get better.....not likely.....Trust Paulie to give me his bloody cold.....

Tried going back to sleep after Paulie left for work, but Lucy thought it would be good to lie on top of me and wiggle like no tomorrow, next the cats tapping the stairs door, letting me know they are all wide awake and rearing to go and a added flavour of Zippy going for gold, chirping, singing and saying HELLLLO in his deep

Just as I was about to go back to sleep, the phone rings .....aaaggghhhh... somebody shoot Ive got up showered and now trying to chill with a bit of day time tv, sure what to eat, bacon and eggs or a sausage buttie or shall I be propper lazy and just have a bag of

Tonite Im going to do a Spag Bol for Paulie with lots of garlic, so no one will be kissing him

Later Aligators.....


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hussell & Bussell

After a chilled day on Sunday, it was back to hussell and bussell of work yesterday....very very busy as usual and not getting a mins peace, last nite we had a propper early nite and I was asleep by 9.30pm, as the nites draw in I find it very hard to stay awake.....and even harder to get up in the morning, wish I was a Bear or something then I could sleep for a hole six

Today was very weird, I kept having palpertations, not sure why, just felt like me heart was going to jump out of me chest and race round the office at 90mph, next came the dizzy spells and then feeling sick, not sure what is going on, could be Im getting Paulies Flu or that Im just getting worked up over the wedding etc...

Tonite we are just taking it easy, mind you thats nowt different, but of course we could not chill without a cardi and coke and now I got a even funkier way of drinking it, with lots of ice and two pink straws so its twice as easy to


Sunday, October 03, 2004

Shop till you Drop!

We had a really good day yesterday, went shopping for new shoes......we went to countless shoe shops and did not get anywhere, right in the last shop I got sorted, much to Paulies was his turn, straight to the rack, pick a pair off, tried them on, right he says are we done, as easy as

I needed a new top as well as we were going to yet another wedding last nite, got a very nice chinese style one, but of course it was not that

First find a top you like.....

Next, think you will get another one somewhere else that will be nicer....

Still not satisfied, go to a load more shops, find nothing....

Finally, go back to shop number one and get the one you chose only 3 hours

We had a great nite again, but with no hangover this morning, when we got home last nite we had a buttie and loadsa water, think Ive learnt me lesson on cardi and coke with no food in your

Have a great day!


Friday, October 01, 2004

Alka-Seltzer my Arse!!

Well, me is here

Ive finally made me mind up about me job, I its time to move to pastures new, gave me notice in after too much thinking, not sure how its going to pan out but lets hope for the best......

After a long hard day yesterday and taking me ages to get home again, I finally parked me car up at 6.30pm, ran into the house, jumped into the shower and got ready for a workies wedding reception, we did really well was out of our door by 7.45pm, now that aint bad for

Me workie Claire and me had decided to go for gold, while Paulie was driving, First it was a white wine and soda, now that was naff, so it just had to be cardi and coke for the rest of the the end we looked a ickle worse for wear and was singing and dancing our ickle hearts out.....SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME.............

This morning me woke to Paulie lovely voice and I was wishing for him to got up, stumbled to the bathroom and watched the room spin 360 degrees, will someone get me off this chuffin

After a very very strong coffee and toast it was time to get going not sure how I got to work but I made it and was greeted by a load of waste bins parked were me car should be going, after cursing a few choice words under me breath I got them all moved and parked up......The rest of the day is one BIG

I get home tonite to find that Paulie the cheeky bugger has posted a picture of Alka-Seltzer on me blog, would not mind he did not have the real things ready for me this

I saw you baby, shakin your


Morning After Feeling

Normal service will resume shortly! Posted by Hello