Friday, October 29, 2004

Ripp Off!

Well me last day was ok apart from telling me boss I would kill him unless he sorted me wages out…lol…

Checked me bank this morning before we set off to work and I could not believe it, me wages were down by £300.00, I think if Paulie could have run off and hidden somewhere he would have done…lol…

They finally got it sorted and I left work at 2pm, we went to KFC for lunch and then I got some lovely gifts and cards.

When I got home Lucy and the three amigos were all wondering what was going on they are not use to seeing me that early in the day….

Me ex boss thinks we are going to his Halloween party tomorrow nite, but minime will be there so I think we will give it a miss and get a dvd instead.

Not sure what we are doing at the weekend, probably arranging a funeral for this ruler…lol…


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