Saturday, October 23, 2004

Missing Post!

I put a post on Thursday, and now its bloody gone....Not sure whats going on with blogger, has anyone else had this problem??

I really carnt understand it at all


Even more fed up now!!


Alex Pelan said...

I've heard of other blogger users having this problem recently, although it hasn't specifically happened to me.

Jay said...

I've had some strange stuff happening with my blog as well. Probably the most irritating was spending about an hour writing a particularly complicated post only to have it vanish the next day. If you come across a better place for your blog, let me know and I'll join you.

DollyMama said...

yes, this type of thing has been happening to me too. I mentioned it on my blog and has some responses that this was a fairly common problem with blogger. :( I get copies of all my posts emailed to me so that I have a back up in case of something like this.