Friday, March 25, 2005

The End!

Hi Everyone

This will be me last post on here, I just have not got time to do it anymore so Im going to do the odd post on our other site Snowbabies like in the early days before i started this one.

Its been great getting all your lovely comments and sharing my life - thanks to everyone :-))

I will add all your links onto our Snowbabies site and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog here.

Hope to see you on the other side, take care....


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So Far So Good!

Hello again, well this week is flying by carnt believe its Thursday tomorrow!!

Im doing well in me new job and everyone seems really nice, there is no raised voices or nastyness or dirty looks or anything, its very quiet and relaxed and when we have a giggle its a good

Dan my old boss told me some news before i left me old job, he was being made redundant, which made me mind up even more to get out of the hell hole......

Lolly and Lucy are in full spirits tonite, Lolly is chasing anything that moves and carrying toys from his bed to the sofa and back again, while barking to let everyone know what hes upto.

Time to take the ickle buggers out for a run on the field and see if we can get some of this energy out of


Message for Paulie P:- you have got your sums wrong, Paulie has Three butties and Debbie has One, that means that there are Two left....Next cafe opening time is Tuesday morning, What would you prefer Turkey or

Monday, March 21, 2005

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Posing till closing, new short and hair cut this guys not short of Posted by Hello

Haircut 100!! Posted by Hello

Oh Brother!

Well Paulies brother David came to stay with us last sunday......

He had to be up early with us or he would of ended being locked upstairs till we got home from work, he did really well until wednesday morning when he just rolled back over and went back to sleep...he did finally get his backside downstairs for us getting out of the door on time to get out.

We are glad he came as there were a lot of questions to be asked and answered, we left this till tuesday evening and glad we did as the nite went really well, he is now back home with Paulies Dad and most prob driving him mad

It was me last week at the Job from Hell and to honest I dont think I could have worked there a min longer, to add insult to injury me cold came back with a vengence and by thursday nite I had a temp and was freezing cold, but Paulie was instisting that I was boiling red hot.....

Im feeling a ickle bit better today and we have managed to get out and get some new trousers for me new job next week, I will have a nice uniform at this new job which saves on me buying new blouses etc...

We also got the doggies some new toys and Paulie got some shorts and trunks for our Holidays (carnt wait) but as its very nice weather here today he has decided to change into a pair of them....this was after he instisted on having all his hair chopped off cause he was too warm, guess who the hair dresser was??

We are going to have our tea out today at Kentucky and get some dvd's to watch, nice and chilled....


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Are you under stress??

The attached photo has 2 identical dolphins in it. It was used in a case study on stress level at St. Mary's Hospital.

Look at both dolphins jumping out of the water. The dolphins are identical. A closely monitored, scientific study of a group revealed that in spite of the fact that the dolphins are identical; a person under stress would find differences in the two dolphins. If there are many differences found between both dolphins, it means that the person is experiencing a great amount of stress. Look at the photograph and if you find more than one or two differences you may want to take a holiday.

Lollypop trying out the cat tower much to Misty's disgust Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Another good one! Posted by Hello

WOW, I did not think it would look this good!! Posted by Hello

Lollypop on his first propper walk, Lucy would not keep still long enought to take her Posted by Hello

Busy Busy Busy!

Hello again, sorry its been a week, but we have been busy bunnies.........

The house is still on and we have been to have another look today and asked the nice chappie if he would wait, he said no probs as long as we could promise we were comitted, we assured him we was 100%.

Our house has got the "FOR SALE" sign up....yippee....fandabbiedozie.....and we have our first veiwing on monday evening.....

News about my job, I gave me notice in on friday, much to the surprise of our financial director, he could not beleive it and said he thought after all the hassel things had gone quiet and settled down, our Accountant soon told him how the land lyed and now I think he has got the picture....

So lets hope I can settle down in me new job, its been a mighty struggle getting it, first was the first interview with lots of tests then I made it to the second interview in which I was grueled for over an hour with all sorts of questions thrown at me, then to be told I had to go to a third interview as it was between me and another girl and they could not decide......

This morning I had to work and was thankfull it will be the last ever saturday I have to work, when I got home Paulie was being chef again and made us both lovley bacon butties and of course not forgetting the most important a very strong coffee, then we went to see the new house and after that took Lucy and Lolly for a walk at the park and give the ducks some nice warburtons bread......

After a very long soak in the bath its now chill time with a very large B&C, both doggies are knackered and the cats are in supa chilled mode....

We have Paulies brother coming staying for a few days from tomorrow, so that will be a nice change, think Paulies dad is due for a break......

Till next time, be happy!!


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Its is good to be a woman

1. We got off the Titanic first.
2. We can scare male bosses with the mysterious gynecological disorder excuses.
3 Taxis stop for us.
4. We don't look like a frog in a blender when dancing.
5. No fashion faux pas we make, could ever rival the Speedo.
6. We don't have to pass gas to amuse ourselves.
7. If we forget to shave, no one has to know.
8. We can congratulate our teammate without ever touching her rear end.
9. We never have to reach down every so often to make sure our privates are still there.
10. We have the ability to dress ourselves.
11. We can talk to the opposite sex without having to picture them naked.
12. If we marry someone 20 years younger, we are aware that we will look like an idiot.
13. We will never regret piercing our ears.
14. There are times when chocolate really can solve all your problems.
15. We can make comments about how silly men are in their presence because they aren't listening anyway.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Boy we can not beleive how tired we are.

We have decorated the bathroom and both sets of stairs, we have filled a skip full of rubbish and stuff needing to be sorted, you could not get anymore in the skip at all and we have had a real tidy up, our house is spik and span........

We have the survey done tomorrow and also the finance people are coming as well its going to be another busy day!!

Time to chill with me lovely hubby.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

On The Move!!

At last some good news......

We went to view a house on Monday evening and we were impressed, very impressed, its just what we are looking for 3 bedrooms, a lovely bathroom and kitchen and a very good size livinng room.

Its all been done up and had new central heating system, all rewired and damp proof course as well as a brand new bathroom and kitchen, we are propper happy bunnies....

Tuesday morning could not come quick enough, Paulie was on to the estate agents at 9.30am and by 10am our offer had been accepted and the house taken off the market. The chappie is willing to wait for us to sell our house....

The Valuers and Finance people are meeting us on Monday to go through everything and we should be up and running by Tuesday hopefully, fingers crossed!!

Now its time to sort out the crap we have managed to collect over the past four years and bin bags are going to be full, Paulie insists that we are ruthless with everything we could be tears and tamtrums

Till next time, Have fun in all the snow it is forcasting


Friday, February 25, 2005

Keeping warm! Posted by Hello

Baked Beans!

If this doesn't make you laugh out loud, nothing will.......

Once there lived a woman who had a maddening passion for baked beans. She loved them but unfortunately, they had always had a very rembarrassing and somewhat lively reaction to her.

Then one day she met a man and fell in love. When it became apparent that they would marry she thought to herself, "He is such a sweet and gentle man, he would never go for this carrying on." She made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans.

Some months later her car broke down on the way home from work. Since she lived in the country she called her husband and told him that she would be late because she had to walk home. On her way, she passed a small diner and the odour of the baked beans was more than she could stand. Since she still had miles to walk , she figured that she would walk off any ill effects by the time she reached home.

So, she stopped at the diner and before she knew it, she had consumed three large orders of baked beans. All the way home she putt-putted, and upon arriving home she felt reasonably sure she could control it.

Her husband seemed excited to see her and exclaimed delightedly, darling, I have a surprise for dinner tonight." He then blindfolded her and led her to her chair at the table. She seated herself and just as he was about to remove the blindfold from his wife, the telephone rang. He made her promise not to touch the blindfold until he returned. He then went to answer the telephone.

The baked beans he had consumed were still affecting her and the pressure was ecoming almost unbearable, so while her husband was out of the room she seized the opportunity, shifted her weight to one leg and let it go. It was not only loud, but it smelled like a fertilizer truck running over a skunk in front of pulpwood mill. he took her napkin and fanned the air around her vigorously. Then, she shifted to the other cheek and ripped three more, which reminded her of cooked cabbage.

Keeping her ears tuned to the conversation in the other room, she went on like this for another ten minutes. When the telephone farewells signalled the end of there freedom, she fanned the air a few more times with her napkin, placed it on her lap and folded her hands upon it, smiling contentedly to herself.

She was the picture of innocence when her husband returned, apologizing for taking so long, he asked her if she peeked, and she assured him that she had not. At this point, he removed the blindfold, and she was surprised!!

There were twelve dinner guests seated around the table to wish her a "Happy Birthday"!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man, who's not a creep.
One who's handsome, smart & strong,
One who's willy is thick and long.
One who thinks before he speaks,
When he promises to call, he won't wait weeks.
I pray that he be gainfully employed,
And when I spend his cash, he won't be annoyed.
Pulls out my chair and opens my door,
Massages my back and begs to do more.
Oh! Send me a man that will make love to my mind,
Knows just what to say when I ask "How bigs my behind?"
One who'll make love till my body is a twitching,
In the hall, the loo, the garden and the kitchen!
I pray that this man will love me no end,
And never attempts to shag my best friend.
And as I kneel and pray by my bed,
I look at the wanker you sent me instead!!!



Weather For Penguins!

Ooooooolala! Its snowing again today and its getting quite deep! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More Snow Today!

More snow has fallen this morning and this time its not melting like it did yesterday :-) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Jokes of the day!

Into a Belfast pub comes Paddy Murphy, looking like he'd just been run over by a train. His arm is in a sling, his nose is broken, his face is cut and bruised and he's walking with a limp.

"What happened to you?" asks Sean, the bartender.

"Jamie O'Conner and me had a fight," says Paddy.

"That little hit, O'Conner," says Sean, "He couldn't do that to you, he must have had something in his hand."

"That he did," says Paddy, "a shovel is what he had, and a terrible lickin' he gave me with it."

"Well," says Sean, "you should have defended yourself, didn't you have something in your hand?"

"That I did," said Paddy... "Mrs. O'Conner's breast, and a thing of beauty it was, but useless in a fight."

An Irishman who had a little too much to drink is driving home from the city one night and, of course, his car is weaving violently all over the road. A cop pulls him over. "So," says the cop to the driver, where have ya been?"

"Why, I've been to the pub of course," slurs the drunk.

"Well," says the cop, "it looks like you've had quite a few to drink this evening."

"I did all right," the drunk says with a smile.

"Did you know," says the cop, standing straight and folding his arms across his chest, "that a few intersections back, your wife fell out of your car?"

"Oh, thank heavens," sighs the drunk. "For a minute there, I thought I'd gone deaf."

Brenda O'Malley is home making dinner, as usual, when Tim Finnegan arrives at her door. "Brenda, may I come in?" he asks. "I've somethin' to tell ya".

"Of course you can come in, you're always welcome, Tim. But where's my husband?"

"That's what I'm here to be telling ya, Brenda." There was an accident down at the Guinness brewery..."

"Oh, God no!" cries Brenda. "Please don't tell me."

"I must, Brenda. Your husband Shamus is dead and gone. I'm sorry."

Finally, she looked up at Tim. "How did it happen, Tim?"

"It was terrible, Brenda. He fell into a vat of Guinness Stout and drowned."

"Oh my dear Jesus! But you must tell me true, Tim. Did he at least go quickly?"

"Well, Brenda... no. In fact, he got out three times to pee."

Mary Clancy goes up to Father O'Grady after his Sunday morning service, and she's in tears. He says, "So what's bothering you, Mary my dear?"

She says, "Oh, Father, I've got terrible news. My husband passed away last night."

The priest says, "Oh, Mary, that's terrible. Tell me, Mary, did he have any last requests?"

She says, "That he did, Father."

The priest says, "What did he ask, Mary? " She says, "He said, 'Please Mary, put down that damn gun...'

AND THE BEST FOR LAST A drunk staggers into a Catholic Church, enters a confessional booth, sits down but says nothing. The Priest coughs a few times to get his attention but the drunk continues to sits there. Finally, the Priest pounds three times on the wall. The drunk mumbles, "ain't no use knockin; there's no paper on this side

It's Been Snowing!

Waking up to a covering of snow this morning! Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Well Ive done it again, changed me blog back to blue, sorry folks but every other one I try just dont compare to this

Now lets see whats been happening in my ickle world.......

Lucy and Loppypop are getting on perfect, Toddy is fine but we are watching Misty and Eric very closley as they dont seem too happy about our new family member....

Paulie was off work last week and has got loads of jobs done, he is just fandabbiedozzie....

Next weekend we will finish off all the other bits and bobs and then the house is going on the market and hopefully it wont take long to sell....fingers crossed....

Then Paulie will have to start redecorating the new house till we get it how we want it....aint life a no rest for the wicked!!

Yesterday we went to a horse auctions in Holmfirth, I was not impressed really with it, we met me sister there which amazed us both that she could trave all that way to see some horses but could not do another ten mins up the road to come and see us.

On the way back to our car I stumbled across the carpark and fell, now Ive got two bruised knees and a very sore arm.

Today we are in cleaning mode and have already done the kitchen and bedroom, now its cooffee time and snow patrol is going on as Paulie is watching the temp and the clouds come rolling in, I just hope it comes or else the floor will be worn out at this

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.......


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Tulips opening up this morning.... Posted by Hello

Lollypop and Lucy chilling out on the sofa.... Posted by Hello

My Valentines card from Paulie.... Posted by Hello

Tulips from Paulie on Valentines Day... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


After a lovely Valentines, tonite i was checking out the stats etc on me blog and just thought I would check Technorati.

Much to my surprise and pure frustration some Dickhead has the cheek to call me blog - BAD and has even put one of me post on there.

Email here we come:-

and reads -

Who give you the right to call anyones blog - Bad

Think you had better take my post off now!! Everyone who does a blog has a right to put whatever they like, do yourself a favour and stop being an arsehole!!

You want to have a look at your own work before you comment on anyone elses!!


This persons Blogs are :


I hope no one elses blogs gets onto this ste!!


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Be My Valentine

To my Darling Hubby - Paulie

2 Gether
4 Ever
2 Love
1 Another


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Its just all too much, Tea time then Snooze....awwwwwww....aint they just adorable!! Posted by Hello