Sunday, November 28, 2004

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Knowsley by name!

Misty is behaving himself, I think I must have frightened the life out of him!!

By friday, I was knackered and with the new tablets that Im on, me mood swings are up and down like a tarts

I feel really sorry for Paulie as he is getting full wack of them, on friday after work i called for a few bits from the local shop and when I tried getting through our back gate I ended up trapping me fingers in it, the slightest thing and I go off on one, got into the kitchen and launched everything that I was carrying across the kitchen floor.......

Saturday morning was the same, until we went to knowsley for the day for some serious Lion watching and chillin of course, on the way home we called in at me sisters house and had a right good giggle, me neice showed me her riding hat that me and Paulie got her for her birthday.

Today we have been to see Paulies dad and then called at a textile shop to get some new curtains for our front room, we normally have vertical blinds, but the cats are ruining them as they keep jumping in and out of the window.

I made us a sunday dinner today, we dont usually bother as we are normally out and about but it was bloody lovely and I also made Paulies dad a casserole that looked scrummy too....


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Bloody Cats!

Im not sure what the heck is going on with our cat Misty, but tonite I could have bloody frottled him, this morning Paulie changed the cat litter as he normally does but did not put a lot in, not sure why, but I got home and fed the 3 amigos who were screaming like mad, talk about a cat chorus....

Then as I walked back into the kitchen after tea, Misty was there having a pee on me door mat, I could have murdered the ickle next I goes to get the bleech and disinfectant and low and behold none there!

TEMPER now flaring and curshing anyone or animal that gets in me way........

Dash to the local shop, came home and did the hole bloody house cause Im now paranoid, since yelling at him, he's gone into hiding till the biccies come out at bed time!

Not sure why the heck he is behaving in this way??

On a lighter note our helium has come for the baloons for the wedding so we shall be having a good giggle with

And Paulie has got me a surprise gift, well I think its for jiffy bag was through the post when I got home from work and me being me, normally opens all our mail, but for some unknown reason I just left the post on the side and now the package has disapeared!!

Time to check if the Cooking Fat is still me - swap the C & F and you will get me drift)


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Monday, November 22, 2004

Bloody Scarey!!

This is bloody scarey its only 25 days till our wedding and I carnt wait for the bugger to be over and done with, all the preparation we have done is now taking its Im sure its going to be a fantastic day!

I keep having this dream that we forget the wedding rings or the caterers dont turn up or something goes really wrong...fingers crossed that nothing like this

We had another wonderful weekend, the bridemaids turned up and we went for their fittings, the dresses are lovely and my neice looks like a princess, they are both chuffed to bits, everything is done now apart from my dress which is being finished off next week....Im propper chuffed with it and Im sure no one else will have one like it...

We went to see Paulies Grandma yesterday and she had us in stitches, not bad for an 85 year old and I think she is having the nurses running about, cause we took her some flowers, she would not settle till they had gone in a vase, which Paulie had to go and find, her get well baloon is tied to her bed.

On the way home tonite I had to call for petrol or me car would not have made it up the steep hill that I car has to do every day, the garage seemed really eary and I could not put me finger on it till I had set off back home as I turned to check nothing was coming I noticed not one but 4 police cars all lined up.....

Tonite we have been to our local Matalan, they have some propper bargains there, I got some nice simple tops for work and then spotted a pair of boots, as me calves are very musscley from the horse riding I use to do, its difficult to find apair to fit but I managed to get some and the have sparkles down the side, propper trendy and will look propper bobby dazzler at christmas....

Time to chill and let Paulie check the weather situ out, he is nearly pulling his hair our cause its changes from min to min as to where the snow is going to be falling...



Saturday, November 20, 2004

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Friday, November 19, 2004

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

On the scales

Well, what a difference a week makes.....

Wednesday is our day for going on the scales, and what a surprise we got this morning, I have lost another 5lbs making it 9lbs in two weeks and Paulie has lost another 2lbs making his 6lbs in two weeks....yippeee.....lets hope its carrys on like

The Diet we are on is very alternate each day, one with just fruit and veg, no carbs or fats allowed and the next a healthy balanced meal..... on veggie day we normally start with melon for breakfast and salad for lunch with home made veggie soup for tea, on otherday we are allowed to eat almost normal, but have to watch out for how much carbs you are having and fat also.....

We are also starting to use me steps machine, we will be propper fit in a

After an eventful weekend it was back to work with a bump and to be honest they are still being funny buggers with me, but I dont really care, I not going to be best buddies with someone, Im going to work and get me paypacket at the end of the month....

Paulies Grandma is in hospital this week, she has had an op on her hip, so we can not wait to go and see her on sunday, with the biggest bunch of flowers we can find and not forgetting the get well

Just checked our web site and its only 30 days till our wedding, me nervs are going out of controll and when I think about it I get propper tummy jitters....yikes.....


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Sunday, November 14, 2004

First Fitting!

Friday nite I was exhausted when I got home from work! so we tried to have a chilled nite, but the bloody phone kept

Saturday morning we were going for my first dress fitting and all I can say is its going to be Fantastic, I felt like a Princess! Next Saturday its the bridemaids turn and Paulie has decided he is not coming with you I dont blame him at

On the way home we had a ride to Doncaster and found this shop called Range that Maureen had told us about, it had everything all under one roof and the prices were not bad at all.....

Looking at the time we had to get a move on, we had got tickets to see Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason, and it was fantastic, really enjoyed it.....getting out of the cinema for just 8pm we had booked a meal at a ickle place called Pinocios in Barnsley, and that was lovely as well, I had Chicken in a garlic sause and Paulie had Fillets of Steak with Palma Ham and Motserlla Cheese.

When we got home we switched the TV on and I could not beleive it but it was showing the first Bridget Jones, so I had a double

Today Paulie is in cleaning mode and I just can not give a stuff, it must had took him half an hour this morning to get me into the I have made our dinner - veggie broth and its smells bloody


Thursday, November 11, 2004


First can I thank everyone who left a comment on me PCOS post.....

Work is getting better, the women in me office are starting to talk a ickle to me, but I dont really mind as Im quite busy getting things sorted so I know where I am......

Tonite as I was leaving, me boss and the Financial Director had a few words with me to see if I was ok, I explained that things need to change, all for the better of course and that some people need to take a step back and leave things well alone, surprizingly both of them agreed with

Our diet is going well and we have lost 4lbs in the first week, which when you think about it, its like loosing two bags of sugar, hopefully next week will be the same or god willin a bit live in hope.....

We are getting really organized for christmas and I can feel that lovely feeling coming on, we have got the festive nuts and chocs and not forgetting.....Cardi, Vodkkka, Gin, Wiskey, Bottles of beer and what ever else drops into the trolley while Paulie is not

I will be humming christmas carols very soon, when I lived in Manchester me and my boss use to sing Winter Wonderland from the 1st of December right through till we finished for our christmas holidays....after 14 years I think everyone had had enough of

Paulie has just put a chrismas Cd on to get us into the mood, very festive....HO HO HO...lmao....


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Monday, November 08, 2004

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Another day Another dollar!!

Well they still aint letting me in at work, they have this tight ickle bond going and when I try and join in the conversation they all shut up and look at me as if Im talking alien or something, I must have ickle green antenors on me head or

Me mate at work gathered I was fed up today and while I sneeked out for a ciggie he came looking for me to check I was ok,....he says Im to just ignore them, but its a bit hard when you have to spend a third of your day there!!

Tonite when I got home, I was checking our bank accounts and making sure we had enough money till we next get paid and in walks Paulie full of beans, we took Lucy for a walk and then came home for pizza, with of course a few cardi and

While Paulie was getting the glasses for our drinks, he reached for one that was next to the kettle, which was just boiling and bloody hell, he has burnt his hand, hand under cold water and antisceptic applied by yours truely. Thats the second burn this week, first on the iron...he just gets

Now its a standing joke on what else will happen to


Sunday, November 07, 2004


It has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to write about something so personal to me!

PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects 1 out of 5 women. It is cause by cysts forming on the ovaries which in some cases can cause infertility and other symptoms such as being over weight, acne, abnormal hair growth, abnormal periods or non at all.

It has only just been recognised in recent years and there is no cure at all, just medication that can help.

My Story

It all started when I was 18 years old, I was getting married and my family did not want me to fall pregnant at such an early age, so I was advised to go on the pill, within 3 months I had gained 1 stone, not happy I went back to the docs and he gave me another one to try by six months I had gained yet another stone in weight.

I stopped the pill as I was getting really bad headaches as well, but my weight gain spiralled out of control and so did my non existent periods and talk about mood swings, I could have killed someone and not even known about it.

I was referred from one Doctor to another had countless tests which all came back with nothing, due to the lack of information on the condition, no one knew what they were looking for!

After years of suffering I changed my Doctors and when I went to see him, he looked at his medical book and referred me to the gynie clinic. They started various tests on me including a tummy scan and also an ovary scan. Well would you know, 10 years later one doctor finally found out what was wrong with me?

At the age of 28, I was finally getting help, first came the different pills, non of which worked, my depression got worse and they ended up giving me Prozac. At this stage I did not really care as I was off me head, I would go missing for hours and when asked “where were you?” I could not answer as I had not got a bloody clue.

I stopped the Prozac myself and returned back to the hospital.

This was the final stage, I had tried all the treatment, I had constant pain in my tummy and still did not have periods, I sat in the doctors office and we agreed that the next step was a hysterectomy, I was booked in for March 2001, hopefully this would be the end to all the pains etc.

After the op, I changed my life completely got divorced and started seeing Paul, He is the light of my life, and understood about PCOS and the side effects it had.

September 2001 I moved in with Paul and changed doctors again as things were still not right. After several visits to the hospital over here, I finally feel like we’re getting somewhere with the latest visit last week resulting in a new diet and some new pills to start taking. We will wait and see what happens this time.


Friday, November 05, 2004

Wot No Post!

Well, I carnt beleive Ive not put a post on all week....

I had an appointment at the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and got told some good news and also some that made me squirm, I have to go back on some tablets that I hate, but the doc says its a must....

Me new job is going ok, did not like it really on Monday, Tuesday or Paulie did remind me that when I started me other job up here I did not like that much

Paulie asked me if I was going to stay and I said I would give it a good go, when I told me boss/friend this morning, he said you are bloody staying and thats the end of

Not really much to tell you about this week apart from sleeping alot and just being mega chilled, thats right you heard it from the horses mouth, Im so chilled its

Paulie is in heaven as Im so chilled and not got worked up once this week, think its the less hours that Im doing and also getting home early for a

As it Bonfire nite, we never go to any parties as its not fair on Lucy, the three amigos or Zippy, all you can hear outside is the sound of sirens and fireworks and I think its going to last all weekend too.....Lets hope everyone has a good time without any accidents......

Not sure what we have got planned for this weekend, but I bet its going to be another good one....