Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Bloody Cats!

Im not sure what the heck is going on with our cat Misty, but tonite I could have bloody frottled him, this morning Paulie changed the cat litter as he normally does but did not put a lot in, not sure why, but I got home and fed the 3 amigos who were screaming like mad, talk about a cat chorus....

Then as I walked back into the kitchen after tea, Misty was there having a pee on me door mat, I could have murdered the ickle next I goes to get the bleech and disinfectant and low and behold none there!

TEMPER now flaring and curshing anyone or animal that gets in me way........

Dash to the local shop, came home and did the hole bloody house cause Im now paranoid, since yelling at him, he's gone into hiding till the biccies come out at bed time!

Not sure why the heck he is behaving in this way??

On a lighter note our helium has come for the baloons for the wedding so we shall be having a good giggle with

And Paulie has got me a surprise gift, well I think its for jiffy bag was through the post when I got home from work and me being me, normally opens all our mail, but for some unknown reason I just left the post on the side and now the package has disapeared!!

Time to check if the Cooking Fat is still me - swap the C & F and you will get me drift)



poons said...

Debbie - been following you blog since I first linked
This post was just what I need at the mo
"Cooking Fat" - Litter-ally (sorry) had me laughing out loud.
Thank You

gemmak said...

Is the 'offending' cat a tom? Tom cats often start that behaviour if they feel their territory is threatened, in a domestic situation normally because there are more animals 'in residence' than they like. Has he only done it since you got the kitten?