Sunday, November 28, 2004

Knowsley by name!

Misty is behaving himself, I think I must have frightened the life out of him!!

By friday, I was knackered and with the new tablets that Im on, me mood swings are up and down like a tarts

I feel really sorry for Paulie as he is getting full wack of them, on friday after work i called for a few bits from the local shop and when I tried getting through our back gate I ended up trapping me fingers in it, the slightest thing and I go off on one, got into the kitchen and launched everything that I was carrying across the kitchen floor.......

Saturday morning was the same, until we went to knowsley for the day for some serious Lion watching and chillin of course, on the way home we called in at me sisters house and had a right good giggle, me neice showed me her riding hat that me and Paulie got her for her birthday.

Today we have been to see Paulies dad and then called at a textile shop to get some new curtains for our front room, we normally have vertical blinds, but the cats are ruining them as they keep jumping in and out of the window.

I made us a sunday dinner today, we dont usually bother as we are normally out and about but it was bloody lovely and I also made Paulies dad a casserole that looked scrummy too....


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