Monday, November 08, 2004

Another day Another dollar!!

Well they still aint letting me in at work, they have this tight ickle bond going and when I try and join in the conversation they all shut up and look at me as if Im talking alien or something, I must have ickle green antenors on me head or

Me mate at work gathered I was fed up today and while I sneeked out for a ciggie he came looking for me to check I was ok,....he says Im to just ignore them, but its a bit hard when you have to spend a third of your day there!!

Tonite when I got home, I was checking our bank accounts and making sure we had enough money till we next get paid and in walks Paulie full of beans, we took Lucy for a walk and then came home for pizza, with of course a few cardi and

While Paulie was getting the glasses for our drinks, he reached for one that was next to the kettle, which was just boiling and bloody hell, he has burnt his hand, hand under cold water and antisceptic applied by yours truely. Thats the second burn this week, first on the iron...he just gets

Now its a standing joke on what else will happen to


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JustSue said...

Things come in 3's so keep him locked up in a padded room, he should be safe there! LOL ....mind you, I had to giggle. Never heard of a "Snowman" who keeps burning himself? Sounds almost impossible! LOL