Thursday, December 30, 2004

All the Best!

We have had a fantastic Christmas.

We went to Paulie's Auntys for Christmas dinner, which was bloody lovely on Boxing day we went for a meal with Dad and then on Bank holiday monday went over the moors to see my family and had lunch with me sister.

Tuesday, we had a pj day and that was fantastic apart from having too much too drink! we took Paulies younger brother out for the day and we went over to Holmemoss, the journey home was a nitemare as fog was falling very heavy...very

Paulie is now playing with the remote control hoovercraft that he picked up yesterday after mithering for it all over Christmas, you would not believe that he is 35 years old in just 3 weeks

Not sure what we are doing today, think it might be a trip to the sales, lets see what bargains we can get, but then again I might just get snuggled on the sofa with me book that Ive not managed to pick up since before the wedding....

C u soon


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tradional wedding trainers complete with every bride should have a pair!! Posted by Hello

oooooooooolala what a cake!! Posted by Hello

The Loving couple! Posted by Hello

The nervous Bride! Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 25, 2004


Hi everyone.....

Sorry for the lack of updates, but we are back from bonney scotland and the wedding and honeymoon were both fantastic.

Please see Snowbabies for some piccies, we will do a new album after this weekend with lots of piccies for you to enjoy.

see ya all soon

Debbie (aka Mrs Buttercup!)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Lazy Days and Sundays

Well, I went on the scales on wednesday and Ive lost another 4lbs, thats 19 in total....yippee....a pat on me back from

Paulie finished work last Wednesday and has been running round like a blue arse fly, he went and picked his suit up on friday and everything fitted apart from the waistecoat so thats another trip back to pick up the correct one.

On Thursday nite I had another dress fitting and she had to take another 2in off me waise and alter the top as me boobs have shrunk propper chuffed to bits with it, I have me last fitting next week and then it will all be ready to pick up on Friday.....

Friday, Paulie was making us a Lasanga, it was fantastic, the best I have ever tasted and even better than my own I gave him a score of 20 out of 10.....

Yesterday morning I had to work, which I was not impressed with, but the time flew by and when I got home Paulie had been a busy bunnie again, taking stuff to the tip and having a right good tidy up, then we got a phone call from me brother asking about button holes for the wedding, we had not even given this a thought!

We went up the road to a ickle flower shop that opened earlier this year and ordered some, we have decided to go for winter white freshia and they will be very smart. Next we called at the vicarage as we had to give the vicars wife some money for decorating the church. I stayed in the car and left Paulie to deal with the vicars wife, he must have been stood with her for about 10 mins...poor

Today we are having a pj day and as I type Paulie is making bacon butties and has also put the meat in for a roast dinner later on, we are not doing a thing today and have lined a selection of dvds up to watch......

This time next week, we will be married!!


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Monday, December 06, 2004

its just too much fun! Posted by Hello

Birthday Boy Dan! Posted by Hello

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Sorry its blurey..... Posted by Hello

Update at last!

Sorry for the lack of updates, me mind has been on other things just lately....propper muddled

Right lets see whats happened since I last updated.

I dont go on the scales till wednesday, so i can not give you an update there!!

Things got worse at work and ended up us all in a meeting and it got a ickle heated, Im not sure its all sorted yet and I will most prob stand on a few more toes before we are all

Its only 11 days till the wedding now and me temper is at breaking point with poor Paulie being in the fireing line each time, I will be glad when the 18th December is well over and done with....

On friday nite we went out with some friends, its was all such a rush trying to get home and ready to be out the door in time, next door have built a wall and its looking pretty good, but what does Debbie do before they have even laid a brick, I stepped into the footings and ended up with concreate all over me new boots, it was like a bloody carry on trying to get back into the house without getting cemeant all over the kitchen

The nite was fantastic, just what the doctor ordered, we had a right good giggle and I was crying with laughter, I did not need to take much makeup off when we arrived home as the tears had washed it all away, my cheek bones were killing me the next

On saturday we headed off to Castleton and of course ended up going the long way around as Paulie had missed the turning was treated to a Blue John ring and its lovely, very special, Im chuffed to bits with it.

Sunday was the usual veggie shop so that its all nice and fresh for this weeks veggie soup and then it was christmas decoration time and it looks bloody lovely, the best we have done yet!

I will leave you with 2 pics that I took from me mobile on the way to work.

Time to get off this pc and get me pjs on as Im bloody knackered....


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Lifes a Bitch

Well its only 17 days till our wedding and the pounds are coming off....

Went on the scales this morning and yess another 2lbs lost that makes it 15lbs upto now....yippee....fandabbiedozie....I could squash a

Its been fun and games at work, the lady who is now nickmane "Grotbags" had a right fruity today and I went an seen the Financial controller and told him that I could not work with such a grumpy cow and the feelings in the office are running very high....I said if it carries on that i would leave and his reply was...that he backed me 100% and not to get worked up as he would sort it all out....I wont hold me

On a liter note, we are nearly there with all the prep for the wedding all there is to do is finish me dress off, but the dress maker is leaving it till the last min in case I loose some more weight....The bridesmaids dress are now complete and they love them to bits which is a relief.

Time to chill after a rollercoaster day....tomorrow should be better...I


Sunday, November 28, 2004

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Knowsley by name!

Misty is behaving himself, I think I must have frightened the life out of him!!

By friday, I was knackered and with the new tablets that Im on, me mood swings are up and down like a tarts

I feel really sorry for Paulie as he is getting full wack of them, on friday after work i called for a few bits from the local shop and when I tried getting through our back gate I ended up trapping me fingers in it, the slightest thing and I go off on one, got into the kitchen and launched everything that I was carrying across the kitchen floor.......

Saturday morning was the same, until we went to knowsley for the day for some serious Lion watching and chillin of course, on the way home we called in at me sisters house and had a right good giggle, me neice showed me her riding hat that me and Paulie got her for her birthday.

Today we have been to see Paulies dad and then called at a textile shop to get some new curtains for our front room, we normally have vertical blinds, but the cats are ruining them as they keep jumping in and out of the window.

I made us a sunday dinner today, we dont usually bother as we are normally out and about but it was bloody lovely and I also made Paulies dad a casserole that looked scrummy too....


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Bloody Cats!

Im not sure what the heck is going on with our cat Misty, but tonite I could have bloody frottled him, this morning Paulie changed the cat litter as he normally does but did not put a lot in, not sure why, but I got home and fed the 3 amigos who were screaming like mad, talk about a cat chorus....

Then as I walked back into the kitchen after tea, Misty was there having a pee on me door mat, I could have murdered the ickle next I goes to get the bleech and disinfectant and low and behold none there!

TEMPER now flaring and curshing anyone or animal that gets in me way........

Dash to the local shop, came home and did the hole bloody house cause Im now paranoid, since yelling at him, he's gone into hiding till the biccies come out at bed time!

Not sure why the heck he is behaving in this way??

On a lighter note our helium has come for the baloons for the wedding so we shall be having a good giggle with

And Paulie has got me a surprise gift, well I think its for jiffy bag was through the post when I got home from work and me being me, normally opens all our mail, but for some unknown reason I just left the post on the side and now the package has disapeared!!

Time to check if the Cooking Fat is still me - swap the C & F and you will get me drift)


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Monday, November 22, 2004

Bloody Scarey!!

This is bloody scarey its only 25 days till our wedding and I carnt wait for the bugger to be over and done with, all the preparation we have done is now taking its Im sure its going to be a fantastic day!

I keep having this dream that we forget the wedding rings or the caterers dont turn up or something goes really wrong...fingers crossed that nothing like this

We had another wonderful weekend, the bridemaids turned up and we went for their fittings, the dresses are lovely and my neice looks like a princess, they are both chuffed to bits, everything is done now apart from my dress which is being finished off next week....Im propper chuffed with it and Im sure no one else will have one like it...

We went to see Paulies Grandma yesterday and she had us in stitches, not bad for an 85 year old and I think she is having the nurses running about, cause we took her some flowers, she would not settle till they had gone in a vase, which Paulie had to go and find, her get well baloon is tied to her bed.

On the way home tonite I had to call for petrol or me car would not have made it up the steep hill that I car has to do every day, the garage seemed really eary and I could not put me finger on it till I had set off back home as I turned to check nothing was coming I noticed not one but 4 police cars all lined up.....

Tonite we have been to our local Matalan, they have some propper bargains there, I got some nice simple tops for work and then spotted a pair of boots, as me calves are very musscley from the horse riding I use to do, its difficult to find apair to fit but I managed to get some and the have sparkles down the side, propper trendy and will look propper bobby dazzler at christmas....

Time to chill and let Paulie check the weather situ out, he is nearly pulling his hair our cause its changes from min to min as to where the snow is going to be falling...



Saturday, November 20, 2004

ooooooooooooolala, lovely jubley..... Posted by Hello

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Half Moon! Posted by Hello

Friday, November 19, 2004

Snow still lying around here this morning :-) Posted by Hello