Monday, December 06, 2004

Update at last!

Sorry for the lack of updates, me mind has been on other things just lately....propper muddled

Right lets see whats happened since I last updated.

I dont go on the scales till wednesday, so i can not give you an update there!!

Things got worse at work and ended up us all in a meeting and it got a ickle heated, Im not sure its all sorted yet and I will most prob stand on a few more toes before we are all

Its only 11 days till the wedding now and me temper is at breaking point with poor Paulie being in the fireing line each time, I will be glad when the 18th December is well over and done with....

On friday nite we went out with some friends, its was all such a rush trying to get home and ready to be out the door in time, next door have built a wall and its looking pretty good, but what does Debbie do before they have even laid a brick, I stepped into the footings and ended up with concreate all over me new boots, it was like a bloody carry on trying to get back into the house without getting cemeant all over the kitchen

The nite was fantastic, just what the doctor ordered, we had a right good giggle and I was crying with laughter, I did not need to take much makeup off when we arrived home as the tears had washed it all away, my cheek bones were killing me the next

On saturday we headed off to Castleton and of course ended up going the long way around as Paulie had missed the turning was treated to a Blue John ring and its lovely, very special, Im chuffed to bits with it.

Sunday was the usual veggie shop so that its all nice and fresh for this weeks veggie soup and then it was christmas decoration time and it looks bloody lovely, the best we have done yet!

I will leave you with 2 pics that I took from me mobile on the way to work.

Time to get off this pc and get me pjs on as Im bloody knackered....


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Starbuck said...

11 days... wow - scary!

Mine's still 5 months away, and that's scary enough!