Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So Far So Good!

Hello again, well this week is flying by carnt believe its Thursday tomorrow!!

Im doing well in me new job and everyone seems really nice, there is no raised voices or nastyness or dirty looks or anything, its very quiet and relaxed and when we have a giggle its a good

Dan my old boss told me some news before i left me old job, he was being made redundant, which made me mind up even more to get out of the hell hole......

Lolly and Lucy are in full spirits tonite, Lolly is chasing anything that moves and carrying toys from his bed to the sofa and back again, while barking to let everyone know what hes upto.

Time to take the ickle buggers out for a run on the field and see if we can get some of this energy out of


Message for Paulie P:- you have got your sums wrong, Paulie has Three butties and Debbie has One, that means that there are Two left....Next cafe opening time is Tuesday morning, What would you prefer Turkey or

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