Wednesday, March 02, 2005

On The Move!!

At last some good news......

We went to view a house on Monday evening and we were impressed, very impressed, its just what we are looking for 3 bedrooms, a lovely bathroom and kitchen and a very good size livinng room.

Its all been done up and had new central heating system, all rewired and damp proof course as well as a brand new bathroom and kitchen, we are propper happy bunnies....

Tuesday morning could not come quick enough, Paulie was on to the estate agents at 9.30am and by 10am our offer had been accepted and the house taken off the market. The chappie is willing to wait for us to sell our house....

The Valuers and Finance people are meeting us on Monday to go through everything and we should be up and running by Tuesday hopefully, fingers crossed!!

Now its time to sort out the crap we have managed to collect over the past four years and bin bags are going to be full, Paulie insists that we are ruthless with everything we could be tears and tamtrums

Till next time, Have fun in all the snow it is forcasting


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