Friday, October 01, 2004

Alka-Seltzer my Arse!!

Well, me is here

Ive finally made me mind up about me job, I its time to move to pastures new, gave me notice in after too much thinking, not sure how its going to pan out but lets hope for the best......

After a long hard day yesterday and taking me ages to get home again, I finally parked me car up at 6.30pm, ran into the house, jumped into the shower and got ready for a workies wedding reception, we did really well was out of our door by 7.45pm, now that aint bad for

Me workie Claire and me had decided to go for gold, while Paulie was driving, First it was a white wine and soda, now that was naff, so it just had to be cardi and coke for the rest of the the end we looked a ickle worse for wear and was singing and dancing our ickle hearts out.....SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME.............

This morning me woke to Paulie lovely voice and I was wishing for him to got up, stumbled to the bathroom and watched the room spin 360 degrees, will someone get me off this chuffin

After a very very strong coffee and toast it was time to get going not sure how I got to work but I made it and was greeted by a load of waste bins parked were me car should be going, after cursing a few choice words under me breath I got them all moved and parked up......The rest of the day is one BIG

I get home tonite to find that Paulie the cheeky bugger has posted a picture of Alka-Seltzer on me blog, would not mind he did not have the real things ready for me this

I saw you baby, shakin your


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