Saturday, October 23, 2004

Moody Cow!

Yesterday we went into a meeting as the other new person starts on Monday, I have been kicked out of the office and next week will work werever they have a spare pc going. Ive been told to just take it easy and be there if any of the new poeple need me help, sort of a mentor or training person!

I have done a daily task list of every thing that I do to make it easy for everyone once I have gone, Ive even gone into detail of where to post each item and what reports you have got off, at the end of the meeting not one bloody person had said thanks, So....

Me: Thanks to Debbie for doing this daily task list for us
Boss: Thanks
Mini me: What do you want, us to bow to you?
Me: Do you want a slap in the face?
Mini me: Turns aways looking very scarlet!
Boss: Do you have to be so violent?
Me: That aint violent, just wish I would not have bothered now!
Boss: Well, thank you again, much appreciated!!

I think it this point after doing all this work, she had hit a nerve!!

Yesterday I left work early and was home for 5pm, which is a treat for me, we had a chilled nite with loads of yarning, by 10pm I could not keep me eyes open any longer and opted for me comphy bed, it was nice to only wake up once in the nite instead of sitting looking out the window for hours on end.

This morning Paulie was up with the birdies, I just turned over and went back to sleep, this is not me at all, I woke up at 10am revived, but instead of coming downstairs to a cup of coffee, I came down to Paulie sat at the pc and the cats running riot and nothing done at all in the house.....

Next came food time with Paulie doing his usual messing about, so he got shouted at again, I made him two bacon and egg barn cakes and saked breakfast for me as Im so bloody annoyed with this pilchard......

Now he is mopsing about as if he has been propper told off, Carnt understand men and esp 34 year old one at at!!

Not sure what we are doing today, lets just hope me mood improves so I can enjoy it!!


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Jennyta said...

Lack of appreciation - only too common, unfortunately and your mood yesterday would have been a reaction to all that has happened at work. So tell Paul you're not REALLY cross with him!(lol). I left teaching in July, after 16 years in the schoool, without the headteacher even saying good-bye to me. For some reason she had been like that with me for the last few weeks of term. Still don't know what I had done. Put it all behind you and think of your new start. Sounds like you made the right decision to leave there! :)