Sunday, October 24, 2004

Better Mood :-))

Well you will glad to know Im in a much better mood.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Blackpool with some friends of ours, when we got there it took us nearly an hour to get parked up.....the place was crawling..

I got some great piccies of the sun setting and we had a good walk around, then the heavens opened and we were all soaked, but it did not matter we were all having a good time.

We arrived home very late last nite, and the motorways were terrible with all the rain and then the mist came...very spooky...

I must admit I had the best sleep going last nite, not sure if it was the sea air or the five mile walk we did, me ickle legs are

Today we have been over to Paulies dads and then call at a garden centre to see if they had any blue microlites in stock...not a bloody cat in hells chance....

If anyone knows were we can get blue microlites with a clear cable for our christmas tree, could you let us know.....


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