Sunday, October 17, 2004


On Friday nite when I got home Paulie had already started on the tea as was bloody lovely...we has pork steaks in a gravy with garlic, mushrooms and onions, all you do is bang it in the oven for a couple of hours and let it cook....

Friday nite I did it again, with the cardi and coke but this time I was off me rocker, cause I was drinking it with a straw, it seems to go down faster, Paulie finally got me to bed and next min I was back up as the room was spinning, yikes Im going to be sick, I managed to get to the bathroom only to go flying arse over tit, next Paulie put me back in bed and I turned over smack onto the floor, this time I passed

Saturday morning was hell and even a good fry up did not make me feel any better, Saturday afternoon we had a ride over to me sisters and went to the farm where she keeps her horses, we had a right good time and I even had a ride on my sisters horse called Duke, he is a gentle giant we had our evening meal at me sisters which was lovely again then made our way home to settle for the nite.....

Today we have been to Bakewell in Derbyshire, it was really nice there and we ended up getting some walking boots for when we go to scotland, I think we will be trying them out its back to the washing and cooking and feeding the zoo before we get ready for another week of working, I hope we win the lottery soon, then we can sack work I know Im a sinner, but please make me a winner!!


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