Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Hello & welcome to my new blog, some of you might know me as part of the SNOWBABIES TEAM.

I thought I would have a go meself and let you see my part of LIFE.

Not many know, but before coming a YORKSHIRE LASS I use to be a propper MANQUIAN, born and bred. I have the tatto on me bum to prove I have a average family of a twin brother, elder sister and brother that are twins as well, phew! I miss my family but would not change the life i have got now :-)

I moved in with
Paul nearly 2 years ago, before that I was married at 18, young and stupid! I know, it lasted 11 years before i woke up and smelt the coffee, glad I did now cause I have the most wonderfull man in the world. We have two ickle Jack russels, Lucy who is very much a mummies girl and Harvey who is just as two cats, Misty our eldest who want to be left alone till its food time then he will love you to bits and Todd who is very caring and loving and will climb over the dogs to get to you for a cuddle, bless and a crazy parrott called Zippy who is trying to learn as many words as he can, but does tend to get muddled up.

Im going to try and update me blog as often as I can, Im working long hours at the mo and most nites I just want to chill out, I want to do something different on here and try and get lots of funnies that all can have a good giggle to....

I like taking piccies with me digi cam that Paul got me for me birthday so I will put me best ones on here well that might not be David Baileys standards but I can only but

Hope you enjoy and come back soon



Bokeh said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

gemmak said...

Good luck with 'going it alone' :o)