Thursday, July 15, 2004

What a difference a day makes!

Well its CRUNCHIE EVE again, we are on VODKA MARTINIS here and they are going down nicely, not sure what I will be like in the morning, but who cares as its CRUNCHIE DAY YIPPEE FANDABBIEDOZIE.

I tend to make words up as I go along, for a while all I used to say was OOOOOLALA, then came SHEBUM SHEBUM and of course carnt forget BOBBINS and PROPPER MUPPET and at the mo Im into saying YAHHHHHH in a very deep German voice like in the Austin Powers this is where Crunchie eve and crunchie day come in just to make it fun and have a giggle, Im sure people think Ive gone

Paul corrects me on me grammar, but if I did it propper it would not have a touch of Buttercup and would not be unique. There is only one of me in this

We have all been under pressure at work this week and today it finally calmed down, just enough for one of my work mates to be sat in a meeting at the side of the glass door that I could see through, as I looked up he pulled a funny face and then started with the naughty cleverly disguised hand signals at the side of his face. The only person to see this was me and I was propper giggleing, but of course the ones I was giving back was much naughtier, you had to be there to get the full

Remember your sentence for the time being is SAY OOOLALA, SAY OOOOO COME ON COME ON, SAY OOOLALA SAY OOOOO SHEBUM SHEBUM., if it dont annoy the hell out of people I will show me BUM on the TOWN HALL

Till next time


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