Sunday, July 18, 2004

Lazy Days

After an eventfull weekend, see snowbabies for details, I have done nothing and im propper cream
I was trying to do me own template for this blog, but after hours of sitting here looking at codes and not knowing what Paulie was doing, I have settled for this one, Im still not inpressed, but it will have to do, unless someone lets me know how to get a full background of colour and me own Buttercup heading....please.....yikes.....I could squash a grape!!
Not sure if Im going to sleep tonight, me mind keeps going back to what is going to happen tomorrow at work, sad I know, but some of our bosses are the biggest, meanist shall I go on.....think I should stop I keep singing in me head is.....THERE WILL BE TROUBLE AHEAD.....
Time to go watch the other film we did not watch last nite and have a propper snuggle on the sofa with Paulie and Lucy and Harvey and Toddy.....all aboard....any
Till we meet again......

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