Thursday, July 29, 2004

Sweaty Betty!

Will somebody turn this chuffin heat down!

Yesterday was unbearable at work and it made worse with my work mate throwing a what a propper girls he was full of beans and none of us was taking him will be the last time he tells me to shut up three times in a

Today, the humidity was really bad, and I had two fans on me, but again me head was banging and me throats really 5.30pm i'd had enough and decided to come home, that means more work tomorrow...yikes.... Paulie just corrected me on utherdoffas =   (,.'!":;)

My work mate and our floating accountant decided to follow me on a short cut Ive found from work, but I had to stop four times for them to catch up, once everyone knew were they where, it was like a race to get home and Debbie won again, moving into a fast lane and changing back ten cars infront....RACE WON!!

Time to go and chill now with a nice cold cider with added ice cubes and watch some sort of film we can pluck off the shelf, but first shower time to get rid of the nasty day ive comes imperial leather

Rememer today is supposed to be better than yesterday!!


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