Friday, July 23, 2004

Change again!!

What a day its been here, hot humid and very sticky and I think its going to be the same all weekend, roll on snow time, I will be slipping around and 9 out of 10 times on me bum with a big cheesy smile on me face and everyone else will be moaning that its tooooooo

Today, I had a propper paddy at work and ended up being grumpy all afternoon, all i wanted to do was leave half an hour early and my stand in boss would not have any of it, so I walk out the office and propper slammed the door, think it nearly came off its would not mind but I have been doing 50-60 hour weeks and half hour would not hurt anyone, so I just said next time you want a favour you can go forth and

All ended calm as I drove me ickle Yaris home like Sterling Moss, I should have been in the Grand Prix Im sure i would win hands down, Paulie does have white knuckles when we go out for the day and Im

Now its time to change me hair back to BLACK I do think its suits me better than red or any other colour come to think about it, I going to have a GIRLIE evening with a nice hot bubble bath and a face mask and do all that type of stuff, then get in me bed and watch the evictions on Big this should be an interesting one......

Tatty bye and what ever you are planning to do, ENJOY!!

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