Monday, August 16, 2004

Trying Day!

Well its been a bit of a bobbins weekend apart from getting me wedding shoes that is and a propper bargain they were, reduced in the sale from wait for it £35 down to £3, Im impressed, really impressed.....

Next job is to get my wedding dress sorted and also the bridesmaids as well, which is proving harder than we thought as my sis and my neice are not too keen on the colour we have picked plus when we looked at dresses for my neice she was only a ickle girl and now she is growing into a young woman and not too keen on this ickle cute dress we have picked for her, Hence the phone call "Aunty Deb, do you relise how old I"

Paulie keeps telling her if she dont behave then he will make her walk down the isle dressed as a christmas

Today our new Accountant started and from what I can make out he is fair and honest, what more can you ask of when your last Accountants ended up with one having a nervous breakdown and the other being sacked, watch this space.....

I feel like doing a drum


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L said...

I often wonder how I would have handled having a wedding, being responsible for bridesmaids, etc. (I eloped). I think I would have been a neurotic mess. LOL