Sunday, August 22, 2004

Bridesmaids from HELL!

After yesterdays chill day, (I thought it was going to good to be true!) all hell broke loose last nite.

It started with a phone call to my older brother to tell him we was visiting on Bank Holiday Monday and he was chuffed to bits, next I rang my sister to tell her the same and to let her know that Id managed to get us an appointment for our dress measurements.

The phone call started:-
Me:- Hello, are you ok?
Sis:- yep
Me:- I have managed to get us in on the saturday you wanted, but you have to be here early, we are booked in for 10am
Sis:- You are bloody joking arnt you?, why carnt she fit us in on a Sunday?
Me:- Sis, I dont think you are being fair, the lady has worked all week and has family you know!
Sis:- I dont know where you live and I will get lost just me travelling.(LOL....her friend use to live about four junctions down the motorway from us!!and she use to make it there on her own)
Me:- No you wont I will do a map for you
Sis:- Deb, even you get lost on motorways, Moan, Moan, Moan!!
Me:- Bloody hell sis, I will come and pick you up meself, then you wont get bloody lost!
Sis:- Did you tell her about the colour of the dress, If I could have it half and half, a lighter colour at the top and that RED you have picked at the bottom.....
Me:- Yep, she said its fine, just come and pick whatever you like, but you are having the RED..
Sis:- I dont want the red, I will look like a RED PEPPER gone wrong!
Me:- (Totally fed up by this stage) "GIVES IN" AGAIN, you can have what colour you like.....
Sis:- Oh goody, I will have emerald green, thats will go with christmas....
Me:- Getting rather annoyed now, you aint having bloody green, I can not stand bloody green...
The conversation went back and forth with this for a while and ended up with us putting the phone down on each other.....

By the time Paulie had come into the living room, I was Screaming blue murder and Paulie was doing his best to calm me down, Next he got the phone and he called me sister and this time it went like this:-
Paul:- What have you said to upset your sister.
Sis:- Nothing
Paul:- Whats the problem with the dress?
Sis:- There isnt a problem with the dress, I will be down that Satuday.
Paul:- Thinking.......I must have got the wrong
Paul:- So, you like the dress and you are coming for the fittings?
Sis:- Everythings fine, apart from the style and the colour!
Paul:- Its Debbies special day and what she wants she should have, surely!!
Sis:- Im not having red, if she wants red she will have to find someone else!
Paul:- Lets just see whats available when you come down.
Sis:- Ok, and puts the phone down.......

So it looks like now I aint got any bridesmaids and Lucy will be walking down the isle in a nice red least she wont complain.......

I have not heard from my twin brother for about 8 weeks, and he still had not sent a reply to the wedding invite, So I ring him and Im not sure what he was on, dont even think he was on this but the more I spoke the more angry he got, saying he was not paying out for a hotel and was not driving anywhere. I just said "All I want is an ANSWER, are you coming YES or NO?"

The answer was a big fat NO.......

For chuffs sake, why carnt I have a normal happy family??

This is Debbie reporting for Buttercup Blog, Fed up, Pissed off, Want a new life and wish I wernt here......


Jennyta said...

Oh I feel so sorry for you having all that aggro. That's the trouble with family! I'm sure they'll come round and be more reasonable in due course.

Elin said...

When we got married, in 2001, my sisters were my bridesmaids. I told them that they could pick whatever they wanted to wear as long as it was a certain shade of red or simple black (it was an evening winter wedding). I matched the red to the red of the flowers (red winter tulips and amaryllis).
Basically I said "do whatever you want but I have final say". But they fit in with the color scheme I had in mind and they all ended up looking adorable, and matching in all black. My youngest sister even kindly covered all her piercings except the one in her nose!!!
As for your twin brother not coming, unless he is in prison, there is NO EXCUSE.