Sunday, August 08, 2004

Fantastic Weekend

Well Friday nite was tops, we had far too much to drink but we had a right propper giggle, we watched Big Brother and Nadia was crowned Queen or should that be king? who knows!!

SAturday morning was hangover hell, boy we were both RUFF, we managed to get the shopping done and then chilled for the rest of the day, Saturday nite we went to a family BBQ, with me driving like I normally do and Paulie having far too much to drink again, my future sister in law had just passed some more nursing exams and is now a Senior Nurse...Congrats Sharon....

Today we have been to a big Market in Thorsby, near Sherwiood Forest, it was massive and I managed to get some dungerees, which I have been after for years and a few other bits, then we called at our local B & Q to see if they had any Gazeebos, but they had sold out so we called at Mataland which is next door and ended up getting a new pair of not help meself, they were in the SALE....HONEST!!

Now its BBQ time here Paulie is outside getting it nice and hot so we can do some mega chillin this afternoon, not sure if we will be staying too long outside at its almost 30`c....

Have a nice day!


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