Friday, August 20, 2004

Low Funds

I will be glad when this wedding is over and done with and me wages are me own....

At the moment we are puting about two thirds of me wages into the savings account and watching it grow with out much interest being should be

We live quite well on the money we have left, but just think in December, I will be bloody rich...that should be

I was speaking to Becky today and she does not pay her parents any money at all to live there, I can not beleive it when I first started work I earn a mear £40 per week and me Dad took £20 of that for me living with them, Im not sure how I managed as me train pass to work was £10 per week....Thank god for MUMS....without the purse strings you would be totally up shit creek without a

We did not have time to do me interview today at work and was told it would be on monday, lets hope so....

Time to go and check me bank balance and cry as I dont get paid for another week and half....ouch...


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