Saturday, August 21, 2004

PJ Day

Today, we are having a "PJ Day", this starts with get up very early, cause we are so use to being up before 6am every morning, its like something pings inyour head and eh ho your awake!!

Next a nice hot soke in the bath with lots of pampering...lovely jubbly.....then getting your favourite PJs on and doing nothing for the rest of the day, except have food, drink lots of coffee and get square eyes from watching telly....

But there is a difference today as we are both wide awake and full of beans...raring to go!

Not sure how long this is going to last as Paulie is watching the Olimpics and Im already getting bored and its only 8am, even Lucy is wandering

Then again we have got a pretty hectic weekend next week, we are going picking our new kitty Eric up and then going to a friends BBQ then going to the sunday market and seeing what bargains they have got then its our week off from work so that will be packed full with days out!!


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