Friday, August 06, 2004

Crunchie Day!

You have most propably seen this on Snowman, but


Boy its been too hot and humid this week and we finally got our new air con units today...much use as a chocolate fire

On the way home from work I dropped Baby Ben off (he aint really a baby, he is an 18 year old big and carried on but about 2 hundred yards away from home I was not concentrating and nearly ended up going into the back of a car, good job my car has good bloody hell it scared the life out of me, all you could hear was me screaching brakes and most probably me heart as it jumped out of me

When I got home from work Paulie had been and done some much needed shopping of Bacardi, Vodkkka and a new FAN for the front room, now we have 2 blasting away....aint life

We are now going to settle down for tea of Special Chow Main and Paulie with some kind of Pork, followed by a well earned shower and then the Big Brother Final Eviction.....My vote is with Nadia but I could be wrong and Jason could end up winning....which would be a shame as all I have seen is nastiness from him!!

God help me tomorrow, as I can tell its going to be hangover hell, and I got an Iceland trip to do, thats not the country but the freezer

Remember, Remember the 5th of


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