Thursday, August 19, 2004

Temper, Temper, Temper!!

On my way to work I normally pick Baby Ben up, got to the bus stop were he normally waits and low and behold no BEN, I waited for a few mins and decided I could be here all morning at the lazy git had most prob not even got his arse out of bed!!

I arrive at work at me usual time and next me mobile is going, as I answered all I heard was:-
Ben - Where the hell are you?
Me - At work
Ben - You have left me at the bus stop!
Me - Dont bloody think so, you was not there!!
Me - You was not
Ben - SHOUTING - I WAS......

The call ended with me saying very sternly, that he was not and cutting the call.....

Next I bumped into his manager and told him the tale and said that from now on the ickle git would be late as he was not getting in me car for love nor money....

At 5pm on the dot, I left work and got into me car, started the engine and then got a tap on the window, it was Ben.....

Ben - Please can I have a lift home?
Me - Sod off
Ben - Please
Me - Talk to the hand
Ben - Sulking walked off in the direction of the bus stop.
Me - Started to drive off

Next the heavens opened and it was pouring with rain, it was coming down that heavy me windscreen wipers could not cope, at this point I felt really guilty and pull over and rang him, he had just managed to get on the bus, but said he was wet

This morning I got to the bus stop after forgiving Ben for being nasty and bloody hell fire he was not there,me mobile was ringing him in a flash, he was two mins away and was at the car within no a token gesture, he produce a bottle of Bacardi, now how can I stay mad with

The moral of this story is your dont get anywere in life shouting at people and you most def dont if you piss Debbie



Junebugg said...

Good for you, men need to stop taking the things women do for them for granted.
Granted, some women are just as bad, but men are worse, the big babies. The bottle was a nice touch.

Tommy said...

Well..I would have definately forgiven him when I saw the bottle..LOL!

L said...

A gift of Barcardi so you'd no longer be mad, huh? Tell him I'm pretty mad about his tardiness too, and that I like Skyy vodka. :-)