Monday, August 23, 2004


I must say a big sorry to all my readers, Im not normally a ickle 5ft grumpy sod….lol....

But this wedding is really getting to the both of us at the mo, roll on the 19th December…lol…

A ickle thank you to Jenny who left a lovely comment today.

Today while eating me butties, which Paulie had made were very unusual indeed…they consisted of Pork n Egg roll, tommies, Mayo and then in the middle Wensleydale Cheese…lol… I was reading all our blogs and checking stats on how many visits etc and I was moved by Paulies Blog, I really do love this man to bits and am looking forward to us having many many happy years to come.

Ive had me interview today and also had to do a test, which tells me boss if Im Barmy or not…lol…Think he has made his own mind up on that one before I did the test…lol… Hopefully it all went well and if I don’t get the job this time, I don’t think it will be long before Im up for promotion anyway.

It took me ages to get home tonite, the traffic was at a standstill on a road that usually takes me all of 5 mins to get down, next it was thundering and lightning and I was wishing for me car to have wings or something to get me home quicker…lol….

Remember, have a good cry cause it make you pee less…lol…lmao….


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