Saturday, September 25, 2004

What to do??

On monday nite I was invited to an interview with a friend I use to work with, Im not looking for a new job but I must have been interested or I would not have gone.......

We are having major problems at work with things being done wrong etc and yesterday was called into a very heated meeting, when we finally got out I could have cried as I work my arse off for this company.

Next came the phone call offering me the other job, more money, less stress and less hours, I went in to see me boss and told him what had happened, it got a bit heated in parts and he told me that I was fantastic and he did not want me to go, me just said well you know what I want, he is speaking to the powers that be!!

So this weekend Ive got to make a choice which is difficult as me dont know what me boss is going to come back with on monday.

When I got home last nite after crawing through loadsa traffic, Paulie was waiting with a very Large Vodkkka n coke for me and we had pizza, which was very hot and spicey and nearly blew me mouth off, you could see us both doing the mime of HOT HOT HOT Lucy loved it, mind you I dont think it touched the sides

Paulie is now making breakfast of sausages & bacon etc and Eric is attacking me legs and anything else of can get hold of with his needle claws, we are in no hurry for getting ready for a fun filled



L said...

Good luck with whatever you decide job-wise.

Pizza and vodka/coke. I like how things are at your house. :)

Jennyta said...

I agree! It's like ours except we go for red wine!
As for the job, if you take the new one, it adds to your range of experience - good for your c.v.!