Sunday, September 19, 2004

Early Birds!

We had a fatastic day yesterday and got some brill piccies over in Edale.

We went up to some high mountains and the mist was propper setting in, it was rather spooky see Snowbabies for details....

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn to catch the sun rising, after kicking Paulie out of bed, we went snapping away, Im really pleased with me piccies, we had a drive round the villiages near us and it was nice not to see any traffic at all on the roads...

We are going to have a PJ day today, just for a and are kitted out in our fresh just dont get any better!!

Last nite I was dreaming about our wedding and must have woke up about 10 times wondering if it is going to run smoothly or be a total disaster...

Paulie is going to update his blog and also check out were the snow is falling for me, then we are going to settle to watch some DVDs and drink lots and lots of coffee.

Be Happy, you only live once!!


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Acting Artist said...

Hi...came across your blog a couple days ago when I noticed you hit mine one day, whether accidently or purposely I'm not sure.

I Really enjoy your content and look. Keep it up!

Also, congrats on your upcoming nuptials. I actually just got married last month myself. I hope you have as perfect a day as we did.

I'm adding a link to your blog. If you would like to do the same that's great!