Saturday, September 04, 2004

Beautiful Day!

Carnt understand why this morning I was propper knackered, while I was still sleeping, Paulie was up, fed the cats, took Lucy out and made butties and a flask of coffee for a day out much to my

I got woken up with, "Good morning princess, time to wakey wakey rise and shine", if I could have hid under the pillow I would have done, Paulie was on spings, near enough jumping about like a kid waiting for

After a long shower to get me going and a few gulps of coffee, we were off to Cayton Bay, this is one place we can take Lucy on the beach, all the other costal areas wont let dogs on until winter....The hill is enough to put anyone off, going down is not too bad but coming back up, its a bloody nitemare, you need an oxygen mask waiting for you at the top...think I must be getting use to it cause today was not bad at all....

Next we went over to Whitby, it was cramed pack as usual, we managed to park up, but much to my annoyance there was a load of bikers watching me reverse into a parking spot and there were not for moving their bikes....eeebbbygeeebbbys....the language from me car was very very

It was a lovely day and we both really enjoyed it and on the way home I got some cracking piccies of the sky, see what ya think!

Tatty bye


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Mick in the UK said...

You're right about the hike up from Cayton Bay Beach........spent many happy hols there.