Thursday, September 23, 2004


Thank you for all your kind commemts on me sore ankle and me missing twinkles

Today has been a nitemare, me boss thought it would be good if I kept a daily dairy, only prob is Im too bloody busy to fill it asked if he could see it and me hands it to him.....pause.....Debbie, there is nothing in says I know, what do you want? Me to write in I felt like saying, carnt you read me BLOG like everyone

Then to make matters worse one of me workies announced that a load of work had been done wrong, so I ended up working till 6.30pm to correct all the cock ups that someone else had made!!

By the time I got home, it was gone 7pm and Paulie was in one of those moods, shall we go shopping, NUDGE, NUDGE, WINK, WINK......BOOZE RUN HERE WE COME, so I gave in and wish I had not.......Asda was packed with mad women all on bargain hunt, trolleys were on super charge, BRUM..BRUM... reving up at the start of each was bloody manic......

Glad we are back home having a very LARGE vodkkkka and coke but heaven help me, we have another bloody day to work!!

Thank Crunchie its Friday tomorrow!!


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