Sunday, September 12, 2004


After an eventfull morning yesterday, we setttled down to some blogging then started to watch Sleepy Hollow, within mins of the film starting I did me usual trick of falling asleep on the sofa...yikes...not again...

Paulie woke me up at 5.30pm as we were going out with friends for a meal, it was our turn to drive and pick them up, as Ive drove for the last 5 times it was Paulie turn, I even let him drive me Baby

We got the directions to our friends and arrived to a lovely sunset, as we opened the front door to get back into the car, the heavens had opened with bloody rain me,Lisa,Dan and Paulie ran to the car, we got bloody

We went to this pub that does Two for One meals, we started off with a combo of wedges, onion rings, garlic bread and some other yummy stuff, then we all orders mixed grills which non of us could finish and ended up bringing Lucy a doggy bag home, she has had some this morning, but there is loads still in the fridge for her....

All in all it was a fantastic nite and we are both still in our PJs this morning with no intention of making a move to get in the shower and getting a move


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