Saturday, September 11, 2004

Better Day!

After all the events on thursday, I was out like a lite at 9pm and slepted right through till 6am friday morning....bloody hell I had 9 hours of uninterupted thats a record for me...

Friday was a good day at work, we managed to get all the accounts closed 4 days early and me boss was chuffed to bits and come and said a special thanks to everyone....then had a quiet word with me to check that I was ok....I must have looked a sight on

Last nite was propper chill time and another early nite, boy im propper refreshed this morning....lalalalalala

At the mo, we are waiting for me sister and neice to arrive so we can go and pick the colour of their bridesmaids dresses and have our measurements not looking forward to this hope she does not go for a propper iffy colour or I could be up for murder by this

Say oooooooolala say ooooooo shebum shebum......


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