Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Cling On

Well this morning took its toll in us getting up, the alarm was blaring and I just turned over and switched the noisey bugger went straight back to sleep, an hour later we both woke up but propper still asleep took our turn in the shower and went down stairs to meooow, meooow, meooow from all three cats, think they were

We set off for Knowsley safari park, and another fantastic day it was, butties made, and most important a flask of very strong coffee....

On our way home we called at wilkos for another cat basket as all three of them are at the vets tomorrow, Misty and Toddy for boosters and Eric for his first injection...awww bless... they wont like it one ickle bit!!

Tonite we have give them all a treat of a flea spray, not that they have got any but I like to do it once a month incase, and it surprised me that Paulie had not been scratched once.....Lucy did a fruity round the kitchen trying to get the stuff off

Now Im typing this and look like Long John Debbie as I have a kitten snuggled on me shoulder, and he aint for getting off, screaming at Paulie to leave him were he is cause he is propper checked him and he is propper nodding off....awwww bless......


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