Thursday, September 16, 2004

Crunchie Eve!!

Its crunchie eve, its crunchie eve....

Yesterday all hell broke lose at work as Ben has been shit stiring behind me back, I rang him to say if you have got a problem or somethig to say, come and tell me dont let me hear it from someone else.....hence the end of the lifts to and from work are well and truly over for this spoilt brat!!

Today Ive been to Harrogate on a course, I would not mind I already knew what he was telling us, but it was a day out away from work, on the way there we got lost and ended up driving round Harrogate town for 45

On the way home we got lost completely and ended up coming home via Leeds, I knew we were propper lost but did not let on to the girl who had hitched a lift with all in all I did get us home and now Im knackered from all the

Thank crunchie its FRIDAY tomorrow cause Im really ready for the weekend!

Im in the middle of negoating me hours at work as I arrive early, so really I should finish early, lets see if me accountant has made his mind up on what hours he is going to allow, fingers crossed that I will be out of work by 3.30pm every day and miss all the rush hour traffic!

Hopefully, this weekend Ill be out snapping away with the camera, not sure where yet, but its getting to time of year when I can just about kick Paulie out of bed early enough for a sunrise!


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