Thursday, September 09, 2004

Horrible Day

Today Ive been to the hospital for a scan and I wish Id known what exactly this involved then I wouldnt have gone on me own. Paulie did offer to come with me but I thought I would be ok, after all it was only a scan.

When I got there I had to drink loadsa glasses of milky water which really made me want to be sick. After that I had to drink loads of normal water by the time I was finished I was dying for a

Then the nurse comes at me with this huge needle and sticks that in me arm, which injects dye,I had to hold me hands behind me head which was a real strain on me ickle arms, plus the needle was digging in...ouch...

They started the machine for a dummy run which was scary enough lying there feeling sick after all the fluid Id had. Then they started the dye working and all the nurses left the room and they started the machine for real and the lights started flashing all around me, and I had a propper burning feeling inside me while trying to hold me breath all in one go. I have never been so scared in all me life.

Leaving the hospital I had to drive all the way back to work because we are really busy and cant have any time off. I was only at work two hours before it was time to come home but it seemed to last forever.

I was so glad to arrive home and flop into Paulies waiting arms as I shed some tears and told him the whole horrible story.

I’m chilling now with a nice cold glass of vodka and coke hoping I don’t have nightmares tonight about a horrible, horrible day.


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Abbey said...

sorry for your horrible day Buttercup. I had to have one of those scans a few months back. Hated drinking the crap most of all.