Wednesday, January 26, 2005


On Sunday we both felt very yukkie and all we manage to do all day was to take Lucy out for a nice walk, talk about being sick, not sure if it was some we had eaten or if it was the bug that is going round at the mo....

By 4pm I was shattered and me eyes were doing the shut, open, shut open, shut and I was well away till 7.30pm even when I woke up I was still shattered....we ended up going to be for about 8.30pm and sleeping till 6am the next morning.

All week has been the same, carnt wait to get to bed and then sleeping right the way through and wishing that it was saturday morning and the alarm not going off.

Last nite we called to pick up the last pictures ordered from the photographer, he has had the same bug, sick as a dog.....

Tonite we have been over to Paulies dads to drop the photos off and had a couple of hours catching up on the gossip, he is over the moon with the piccies and i think it cheers him up when we call over.

As for Paulie he is doing me head in with this snow now, he keeps jinksing it by watching all these weather charts, I just keep telling him that it will come when its ready and when it does it will be here with a vengence....Not sure he has much faith in

Till next time, have fun and keep jolly...


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