Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Missing Week!

I can not beleive its a week since me last lets see what we have been upto!

Did not manage to pick me book up till New Years Eve, it was all go here getting things sorted, we went and saw the photo man and picked up the proofs for the piccies, boy they are magic.

New Years Eve nite Paulie sat and watched telly while I had me nose stuck in me book, determined to get it finished, neither of us got drunk and went to bed just after midnite.

New Years day we had another trip to Holmemoss to see if a shop was open for me new camera bag and nearly got blown off the top of the hill as it was propper windy.

Sunday was a trip over to my families with the photos and me sis and grandma ordered some, we met up with me two brothers and their kids, it was like

Monday it was over to Paulies Dads with the proofs so that he can show them round.

Tuesday was back to work and boy was it with a desk was a tip and took me nearly all day to get it sorted out, work is just as bad as when I left it in December.

Today its been mad again but to add insult to injury I had a banging headache and a really sore neck which is finally going after some very strong pain killers......

Time to chill out with me hubby and watch the crap on the telly that is being

Till next time, be HAPPY!!


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