Saturday, January 08, 2005

Saturday Bliss!

Well the weekend is here again....yippee....

After getting me work sorted out it was time to listen to the bitching again in the office, most of which I miss as work needed doing so I kepted me head down.

Last nite we went for a meal with Dan & Lisa, not sure why but it was not giggles all nite like usual, we chatted about the wedding and sorted out going to Cruffs in March and then the nasty topic came up "WORK".

I was amazed by what Dan was telling me and ended up feeling a ickle fed up by the end of the nite, not sure what Im going to do, but the problems are getting worse as the weeks go on.

Paulie was driving and on the way home the wind was raging and it took all of Paulies might to keep the car in the correct lane, this morning is even worse with rain added just to make it as grim as possible, please can we have some snow, please,

Today its our traditional PJ day and apart from filling the washing machine and emptying it we are not doing anything else at all, I might just bring me quilt down and propper doze on the


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