Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hair Cut 100

Well its finally happened, Ive book meself into the hairdresses and Im having the lot cut off today, I might live to regret this as it is quite long now....

Its bloody cold here and Paulie is watching the radars with baited breath, the temp is currently -0.3 and me car is all frosted up, I hope it snows soon or Paulie will be emigrating to the North Pole at this

Lucy has got her blue jumper on that she got for christmas and is on Zippy watch to see if he does any tricks, all the cats are chillin for a change and even Eric is being

Time to go and get some shopping and I think we might just take the cameras to see if there are any special shots.

See ya all soon


1 comment:

Jennyta said...

Like the new haircut. I'm pondering on whether to have mine chopped. It certainly needs de-greying again! lol