Saturday, February 12, 2005

Its all change!!

Hi everyone

Thanks for your kind messages.

Now let see what Ive been upto:-

Work as usual, then I was off on Thursday and Friday with nasty Flu, but it took hold of me and I felt so ill it was untrue, feeling a lot better now apart from coughing and me ribs are still aching.

I have changed me blog and I think its looking pretty damm SEXY, Ive added some new stuff on and did all on me own, well apart from Paulie giving a few instruction with the codes etc.

We have got some good news and it finally came off today, 3 weeks ago we went to the local dog rescue centre and there was these Border Lakeland Terrier puppies, we put our name down and had to wait to see if all was well this weekend.

Today we have picked up our new puppy up and we have called him Lollypop, Lolly for short, Lucy is getting on very nicely with him and he is following us round just wagging his tail, after loosing Zippy, this has come as a very nice surprise!

Till next time, Have fun cause lifes too short!!


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